Friday, 21 November 2014

Nails Inc's Kensington Church Street Snowflake Polish

I think its time to show you some extremely festive nail polish. I am very excited about owning Nails Inc's Kensington Church Street Snowflake Polish. I bought it last year but during the summer I discovered that it had all leaked out. So, I bought myself another bottle this year.

This polish consists of matte white hexagonal glitter pieces, small specs of glitter and strands of matte glitter. There is also an awesome fine holographic glitter throughout which makes your nails look like frost shimmering in the sunlight.

I painted this lovely snowflake polish over a red base for extra festiveness but it looks great over other colours too.

It applied really nicely with the wide brush and the formula was great. I did do a little strategic glitter placement but not too much.

I just adore this polish!!

What do you think about this snowflake polish? Have you tried it before? I would love to hear from you.

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