Thursday, 23 April 2015

Models Own's Blue Colour Chrome Polish

Models Own's Colour Chrome Blue Polish is a vibrant metallic blue polish. I think this is a really beautiful polish. 

This is probably one of my favourite shades of polish from the Colour Chrome Collection.

The formula of the polish is so gorgeous and it applies super smoothly to your nails. It dries incredibly quickly so leave 5 minutes between coats so it can dry properly to avoid messing up your polish. I used two coats of polish for complete opacity. It's also a really hard wearing polish.

I would highly recommend Models Own's Blue Colour Chrome Polish.

What do you think of this polish? Is it a shade that you would wear? Let me know your thoughts!

Topshop's Marshmallow Polish

Topshop's Marshmallow Polish is an amazing shimmery pink polish with hints of gold and purple through it at times. I love it's shimmery colour changing ability. It's quite unique and you know how much i love a good old unique polish.

This polish painted on really nicely with Topshop's excellent formula and great brush. As this polish is shimmery you may need two to three coats of polish for full opacity but I think it's worth it! It is a hard wearing polish and lasts well on your nails. As with most Topshop nail polishes it also dries fairly quickly.

What do you think of Topshop's Marshmallow polish? Have any of you bought this polish? Let me know what you think in the comments section. 

Floral Cath Kidston Mug

You guys probably know that I am absolutely obsessed with Cath Kidston mugs. If I could own every mug she has ever designed I would. It's so nice to enjoy my morning peppermint tea in a lovely mug.

So, after the novelty of using my christmas Cath Kidston mugs I decided that I would really like a nice new mug to use until next christmas.

I found this beauty on Amazon and it was so hard to choose which colour to buy as to be honest I would have loved to buy this mug in every colour!

I opted for this gorgeous blue mug. I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than drinking out of a pretty Cath Kidston mug when you are awake early in the morning for work.

What do you think about this mug? Do you own any Cath Kidston products? I would love to hear from you!

Ted Baker Black Jewellery Case

I'm sure you have noticed that I can't get enough of Ted Baker's gorgeous make up/wash bag/jewellery case ranges. I have found them super useful as I don't have any proper make up or jewellery storage at all. 

This gorgeous black and gold Ted Baker Jewellery case is perfect for my smaller more personal items if jewellery. I can't fit any of my statement necklaces into it but I'm fine with that.   This case would be great if you were traveling or having a weekend away.

I love that this case is easy to clean and really beautiful on the inside so your jewellery is well protected.

What do you think of this jewellery case? Is it something that you would use?

Nails Inc's Abbey Road Lilac Polish

How pretty is Nails Inc's Abbey Road Nail Kale Lilac Polish? It is so pretty and is one of my go to shades.

I love how beautifully this polish applies to the nails with its gorgeous formula and amazing brush. I applied two coats of this polish for streak free, prefect nails. This polish dries quite quickly which is brilliant and it is also very long lasting. 

It is definitely a lilac polish that I will be continuously reaching for. I highly recommend it and I wouldn't say that if I didn't love it!

What do you think of Nails Inc's Abbey Road Lilac Polish? Have you tried this polish? Do you like wearing lilac polish? I would love to hear from you!

Blue Jewell Statement Necklace From Boohoo

I have found another absolutely gorgeous statement necklace from When I saw this blue necklace I just thought "wow" so I decided I needed to add it to my collection. I didn't already have any blue necklaces like this so I am so glad I bought it. 

I am always wearing this necklace with my favourite blue skater dress and it goes perfectly with it. I am constantly getting compliments about it. It was an absolute bargain as well.

I would definitely recommend checking out the jewellery on as you can find some amazing pieces!

What do you think about this necklace? Would you wear it? I love to hear your thoughts!

Models Own's Icing Polishes

I had been lusting after Models Own's new Icing Collection Nail Polishes for a while and I have finally managed to pick up a few of them.

As you can see I have bought the pastel pink polish called Pink Icing along with Peach Icing, Lilac Icing and Mint Icing.  I am a total sucker when it comes to pastel nail polish so I can't wait to try these polishes out.  There will be lots of posts on these Icing Polishes coming soon.

Do you have any of the Models Own Icing Collection Polishes? What do you guys think of them?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Models Own's Gold Colour Chrome Polish

Models Own's Gold Colour Chrome Polish is a lovely metallic polish. The shimmer through this polish when the light hits it is really nice. I like how in certain lights this polish does look a bit like molten metal.

This polish has such an amazing formula that glides onto your nails really smoothly. It's extremely fast drying so wait a few minutes between coats. You might be able to get away with just one coat of this polish but I always opt for two just to be sure. I found this polish to be pretty hard wearing.

What do you think of Models Own's Gold Colour Chrome Polish? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments section below!:)

Hart Of Dixie: One To Watch

Hart of Dixie is a really great TV show that I have been watching for a couple of years now with awesome comedic yet sometimes dramatic story lines. I think it has just the right amount of both.

It stars Rachel Bilson who plays the character of a New York City Doctor who finds herself in the south of the USA. I love all of the southern accents in Hart of Dixie and the reference to Southern Belles and southern food.

It is rather endearing to watch a city Doctor try to fit into a small southern town.

This is the first TV show with a medical theme that I have really loved. In my opinion there is not really that much reference to medicine in Hart of Dixie so don't worry of you don't like medical dramas-it's nothing like E.R.

I am not sure if my description of the show has done it justice but I just wanted to share my love for it with you as you might like it too.

I think Hart of Dixie is definitely worth a watch if you are looking for an upbeat, light hearted rom-com type of TV show.

Have you seen Hart of Dixie? What did you think of it? Is it something you think you might like to watch?

NOTD: Mint & Blossom Polish

I am currently wearing Models Own's Mint Icing Polish on my nails with one nail painted with Nails Inc's Columbia Road Blossom Polish.

I am absolutely loving this combination and it's really making me feel like its spring time and that summer is nearly here. I wasn't sure how good the blossom polish would look with mint polish but I think it looks awesome!

What do you guys think of this combination? Have you tried Models Own's Mint Icing Polish or Nails Inc's Columbia Road Blossom Polish? Let me know your thoughts!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Amy Poehler's Yes Please

Amy Poehler's book Yes Please made for an interesting read over Christmas.  I really didn't know much about her or watch her on TV before I read her book. I just knew she had been in Mean Girls and been pretty convincing as Regina's mum.

I thought Amy included a good balance of stories from her childhood and from her working life as well as everything in between. I did laugh at lot at some parts of her book.

Towards the end of the book I found I got a bit bored which was a shame. I felt that she wasn't being very humble at times.

Yes Please proved for an interesting read at times but I don't think I would rave about it as a must read. This is a shame as I had heard so many good reviews about it.

Have you guys read Amy Poehler's book? What did you think about it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Topshop's Plume Polish

Topshop's Plume Polish is one of my all time favourite Topshop nail polishes. I meant to publish a post about it ages ago but never got a chance. Plume is a gorgeous shimmery purple polish with flashes of blue through it.

As with all of Topshop's polishes the formula of Plume is great! It has a slightly thinner consistency than most Topshop polishes so you may need 2 or 3 coats of this polish but it is so worth it. It dries quickly and is fairly hard wearing. The brush applies the polish really well also.

I love how shimmery this polish is. It is one of the prettiest purple metallic polishes that I own.

What do you guys think about this polish? Have you tried Topshop's Plume polish? Let me know your thoughts!

Multicoloured Boohoo Statement Necklace

Oh my goodness. I think we need to take a moment to just stare at the beauty of this necklace! It's so pretty!

I found this necklace on for £12.00 which is a absolute bargain for the quality of the necklace. What makes this necklace so special for me is the colours used. I just love them. I have been wearing it to work with a plain black dress and it just looks awesome.

If you are a statement necklace fan like me I recommend checking out Boohoo's necklaces as you can find some really unique bargains there.

What do you guys think about this necklace? Have you bought any necklaces from recently? I love hearing from you!

New Leighton Denny Polishes

My mum discovered a couple of pretty limited edition Leighton Denny polishes a few weeks ago in Marks & Spencer. She picked up these three polishes for me as she is also a nail polish fiend. 

So far I have tried the blue polish which is called Love On The Carousel and I really liked it. The purple metallic polish is called Scream To Go Faster and the glitter polish is called Loop The Loop.

I will have individual posts about each polish coming soon.

Have you tried any of these limited edition Leighton Denny polishes? Are there any out of these three that you really like? Let me know your thoughts!

NEW VIDEO: 10 Ridiculous a Things That Have Happened To Me

Hey guys!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some very random funny stories about silly things that have happened to me. Some very ridiculous thing really do happen to me!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

You can watch it here:)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

NEW VIDEO: A Wee Update

Hey guys!

I haven't been able to make as many videos recently as I would have liked to but now I'm back on track! Woohoo! So there are lots of new videos coming your way soon 

Heres a very quick update video!:) 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Nails Inc's Queens Gardens Aqua Gel Effect Polish

Nails Inc's Queens Gardens Aqua Gel Effect Polish is such a beautiful shade.

I absolutely fell in love with this polish as the formula is exquisite. This polish is an absolute dream to apply as it glides on to the nails beautifully. My nails were perfectly opaque within two coats of this polish. It dried rather quickly and as with all Nails Inc polishes it was very hard wearing. 

I literally can't get enough of this polish at the moment. I actually want to go and put it on right now. I would highly recommend buying this polish as it is a gorgeous shade and such great quality. I love it!

Have you tried Nails Inc's Queens Gardens Aqua Gel Effect Polish? Would you like to? Let me know what you think!

Topshop's Stallion Polish

Topshop's Stallion Polish is a really exciting black polish with a metallic shimmer running through it. I think that this polish is extremely cool. I've never come across another black polish like it!

This polish painted on to the nails so beautifully as the formula is just excellent. The brush is perfect for applying this polish and I only needed two coats to guarantee no streaks. I love Topshop polish as it is extremely hard wearing and long lasting. It dries pretty quickly too which is a total bonus.

What do you think of this polish? Have you ever found a black metallic polish before? Let me know your thoughts guys! I love to hear from you!