Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Barry M's Sugar Apple Gelly Hi-Shine Polish

Barry M's gorgeous Sugar Apple Gelly Hi-Shine Polish is my absolute favourite polish at the moment. It is a lovely pale mint polish which looks more blue toned in my photographs but it is definitely mint. This polish is really great because it has a pastel tone yet is still bright if that makes sense. I am really in the mood for having pastel colours on my nails so this polish is just fantastic. Obviously, this polish is amazing quality for a decent price. It also has one of my favourite polish formulas and the perfect brush for application. I am enjoying mixing this polish with a hint of glitter at the moment. This is such a great polish- I highly recommend it!

Have you guys tried this new Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine? What do you think of the colour?

NEW VIDEO: Boots Nail Polish Haul (Drugstore Polish Haul)

Hey guys!

I've just uploaded a new video on the new spring polishes that I bought in Boots recently.

I got some awesome Barry M & Models Own polishes along with a couple of others. I can't wait to try them all out on my nails.

Here is the link if you would like to see it!:)

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nudes Polish in Undress To Impress

Ok so how pretty is this Maybelline Color Show Stripped Nudes nail polish in Undress To Impress? I am a major fan of the glitter top coats from the Maybelline Color Show collection. Not only are they a fantastic price they also have a lovely formula and a prefect brush. Undress to Impress is a gorgeous gold glitter polish which I tried out over a deep purple polish. I think it looks great teamed up with a dark colour. The glitter particles kind of look like stars in the sky because there are small specs of glitter as well as larger hexagonals of glitter. I am looking forward to experimenting with it and trying it over different polishes. I would definitely recommend trying out the Maybelline Color Show glitter polishes!

Have you purchased this polish? Which colour of polish did you team it up with? I would love to know!:) 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Essie The More The Merrier Polish

Essie's The More The Merrier polish is a lovely bright lime green colour. I was actually surprised at how bright this polish was once I applied it to my nails. If you like green polish you will probably like this one. It is a great colour for summer. It reminds me of tropical fruit and lying by a pool in the sunshine. The formula of this polish is awesome and it glides on beautifully. I am sure you know by now how much I love Essie's polish formula and their gorgeous brushes! This polish is totally streak free in two coats of polish and Essie polishes tend to dry fairly quickly too. All in all, the polish application experience with Essie is extremely enjoyable!

Are you a fan of bright green polish? What do you think of this polish?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

NOTW: Blue With Glitter

Oh gosh...this week I basically ended up painting my nails really quickly in a dimly lit room! So, please excuse their sloppiness!:)

I am wearing the gorgeous Blue No Blues polish by Bourjois along with Deborah Lipmann's Happy Birthday glitter polish. I loved the polish combo I had on last week so I tried to kind of recreate it this week as I just couldn't get enough of the bright polish with a hint of this multicoloured glitter!

What do you guys think of this combination? I love to hear your thoughts!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nicole by OPI: All Kendall-ed Up

Recently I tried Nicole by OPI's All Kendall-ed Up Pink Polish and really liked it. I had never tried any of the Nicole by OPI's polishes before as they are not readily available in the UK. I purchased this polish from Amazon. This pink polish is such a lovely colour. It's the perfect bright pink. The formula was good, I needed two coats of this polish for it to be totally opaque. I kept on knocking over the polish bottle though as it was so teeny which was not ideal. Overall, this polish was nice to try for a change.

Have you tried any of the Nicole by OPI polish range? What did you think of them?

New YouTube Video: Boots Make Up Haul

Hey guys!

I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

My new video is up now on my Boots Make Up Haul. There were a couple of products that I had been interested in trying out for ages so I purchased them. I have been doing a bit of shopping lately do there are more haul videos to come!

Here is the link:) 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Barry M Blossom Silk Effects Polish

I had heard a lot about Barry M's Silk Effects Polishes before I tried them. I am so glad that I bought a couple of the polishes from this range as I ended up totally loving them. I know some people feel that they are rather sheer polishes however, I found that with a good base coat these polishes were opaque within two coats. This pink Silk polish is called Blossom and it is so pretty. I loved how this polish applied so smoothly. I think Barry M got the formula spot on with this polish. It glided on beautifully with the great Barry M polish brush. I found that this polish dried really quickly and had great staying power. Blossom is the perfect pastel mix of metallic and shimmer. I definitely recommend this polish! My top tip for getting the most out of this polish is to wear a base coat.

What do you think of this pastel pink polish? Have you tried any of the Silk Effects polishes?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sally Hansen's Big Money Gem Crush Polish

You probably know that I am quite a fan of Sally Hansen's Gem Crush Nail Polish. So, it would be wrong not to show you my latest Gem Crush purchase. The lovely Big Money is a gold full coverage glitter polish with larger lilac glitter particles throughout. This polish is really quite unusual as you don't normally see lilac and gold glitter together. I love the unique look this provides. I feel that the photographs just don't show how nice this polish is. I would highly recommend these Gem Crush polishes if you would like to try out a diverse glitter polish range. This lovely gold polish has a great formula which gives full coverage within two coats which is excellent. The polish glides on really smoothly with the polish brush which is perfect for the job of applying this glitter polish. These polishes are definitely worth trying!

Have you tried any of these Gem Crush polishes? What do you think of the combination of gold and lilac glitter?

Models Own's Artstix Duo Polish

Models Own's Artsix Duo Polish includes a lilac polish called Lilac Dream and a glitter polish called Boogie Nights. I have had this for a while but just never got round to trying it out. I really like the colour combination of the lilac and the purple, pink and blue glitter. Boogie Nights is actually from the Mirror Ball collection which I purchased last year. I painted all of my nails with one coat of the gorgeous lilac polish and that was all that was needed for totally opaque nails which was awesome! I then used the glitter polish on two of my nails. It looked really pretty. Unfortunately, no matter which light I photographed this polish in I couldn't show you how good it actually looked.

I love Models Own's polish formula as it glides on really nicely. For some weird reason I usually don't really like the look of double ended polishes. Maybe it has something to do with it being tricky to hold when trying to paint your nails but after trying this Artstix polish I think I am growing to like this polish bottle design.

What are your thoughts on these Models Own polishes? Have you tried any of these Duo Polishes?

New Video: Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitter Polish Review

Hey guys!

As you can see I have another new video up for you today! It is a review of Sally Hansen's awesome Gem Crush Glitter polishes which I love.

You can watch my video here:) 

It would literally make my year if you would check out this video and my YouTube channel! I am having so much fun filming these videos so please come over & say hi!!:-)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Loreal Colour Riche Sky Fits Heaven Polish

I think it is fair to say that I am definitely attracted to blue nail polish. A while ago I did not have any blue nail polish and now I seem to have quite a few. Oops! Loreal's Sky Fits Heaven Blue polish is one of my favourite bright blue polishes. The formula is gorgeous and the colour is beautifully pigmented. Therefore, the polish glides on easily and I managed to get away with just one coat of this polish. It is not very often that you find a bright polish that is opaque in one coat. This polish is rather impressive. It was a pretty good buy. Major thumbs up to Loreal for the great formula and pigmentation.

Have you tried any of Loreal's nail polishes? Are you a fan of blue nail polish?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Rimmel Sweetie Crush Violet Swizzel Polish

There are so many lovely polishes out at the moment for spring and summer 2014. I've got quite a few recent purchases to show you over the next few weeks. 

I am going to start with this awesome Rimmel Sweetie Crush polish called Violet Swizzle. As with all textured polishes I was slightly wary of these even though Rimmel created the amazing Space Dust collection. However, the Sweetie Crush collection are pretty awesome. I love this gorgeous pastel lilac polish. Lilac is one of my favourite colours at the moment so I think a shimmery,pastel, textured polish is just what I need right now. This polish applies really nicely with one of Rimmel's famous wide brushes. At first this polish looks like it will be very sheer. After the second coat of polish it becomes beautifully opaque. I would recommend not painting too much polish on your nails as you won't get very good results. This polish dried fairly quickly and looked much more shimmery in real life!

What do you guys think of this lilac textured polish?

NOTD: Easter Weekend

Hey guys!

Last night I went to my local pub with my old school friend and I decided to wear this really lovely Seche Vite pink polish with Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday glitter polish. I bought these polishes when I was in Edinburgh at the weekend and I really love them. Reviews will be coming soon!:) 

What do you guys think of this polish combo?  

Sunday, 20 April 2014

New Video: General Beauty Tag

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend!

My brand new YouTube video is a General  Beauty Tag:)

I was tagged by the lovely Nyssa from  She has an awesome blog so I definitely recommend checking it out!

Thanks so much for tagging me Nyssa!

Here is the link to my video:)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Topshop Baby Blues Polish

Topshop's Baby Blues polish is a green and blue glitter fleck polish. I tried this polish over white polish and I think it looks great. The combination of blue and green flecks of glitter is quite unique and looks awesome. I love having nails which are a little bit different and I think this polish really provides that. I had to place the glitter flecks quite strategically so I could get an even distribution of glitter across each of my nails. This attention to detail really pays off though. The polish formula is a nice consistency and isn't too thick. Topshop's polish brush did a great job of applying this glitter to my nails. 

Ofcourse, being a glitter polish it was a nightmare to photograph. It looks so much better in real life-I promise!

If you are looking for a different nail look I would definitely recommend this polish!

What do you think of this polish? I would love to hear your thoughts!:)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Nail Art

I was experimenting with my Models Own Nail Art pens and created a slightly Easter Egg looking design. This wasn't what I had intended but I thought I would just go with it. I think because the nail art pens are pastel colours it makes my nails look more like decorated eggs. To achieve this look I painted my nails white and left them to dry for a bit. I then used the brush part of the pens to paint on my polish in thin strokes and blend it together. It is quite a random design but I think it looks cute. 

What do you guys think? Have you created any experimental designs with your nail art pen/brushes?

Models Own Mutli-coloured Mini Egg Nails

Seeing as it is Easter I decided I would paint my nails with all of my awesome Models Own Speckled Eggs polishes! I LOVE this look. I think it is really cute and fun. Also, who doesn't want their nails to look like mini eggs. I am therefore going to celebrate Easter by digging into some mini eggs with my mini egg nails! Woohoo! Bring me the chocolate!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter with your friends and families!

Let me know what you think of my mini egg nails!:-)