Friday, 27 March 2015

Interview With Lynsey From Allsorts And Anecdotes

This week I am chatting to Lynsey from Allsorts and Anecdotes. Lynsey is such a lovely blogger & YouTuber not to mention a fellow Scot. She always has THE most kick ass eye liner on and films some of the best tag videos I have come across on YouTube! You can check out Lynsey's blog here http://allsortsandanecdotes.blogspot.... and her main YouTube channel here .  I am a big fan of Lynsey's blog and YouTube content and I think you will be too so go and check her out.

1) Are there any nail polishes that you are loving right now?

I've always been a huge Barry M fan, and I really love the Matte Nail Paint in Waikiki, and the Silk Nail Paint in Blossom at the moment. But my all time favourite polishes are the standard Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream (such a pretty pastel lilac!), and the Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel Nail Polish in Turquoise Block - it is just beautiful, and the formula of those polishes is incredible, so opaque and they dry so fast!

2) How long have you been writing your blog for?

I started my blog way back in 2010 or 2011 and only published the odd post every now and again, but I properly got into blogging regularly in 2012. So it's been about three years now, which is crazy!

3) What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?

I actually discovered YouTube before I discovered blogging - I started off watching people like Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur de Force, Pixiwoo and Kandee Johnson, and I just loved it.  Initially I watched beauty channels, and then discovered there was a whole world of vlogging to be discovered! I love to talk, and eventually I just bit the bullet and set up my own channel! I got properly into it when I went travelling in 2013, because I wanted to vlog my whole trip to Australia. I'm so glad I did, because I genuinely love making videos - I find the whole process of filming, editing and uploaded the videos so rewarding.

4) Please let us know a bit about your new additional YouTube channel.

Thanks for asking about that!! As I said, I get so much out of YouTube that I decided recently to set up a new channel called The Student Switchboard. I studied my undergrad degree for four years, and then went on to do a Masters, and loved being at University. I felt like I'd picked up quite a lot of useful tips and tricks as a student over the years, and realised that while people do the odd "My Uni Experience" video, there didn't seem to be a channel dedicated to chatting about student life, and giving tips and advice on everything from exam stress and study plans, to group work and making new friends. So I decided to start one!

5) Which TV shows have you been loving recently?

Haha, how long do you have?! Film and TV is a huge focus on my blog and channel, I studied Film and TV at uni and I'm a self-confessed Netflix addict. Recently I've been loving Pretty Little Liars, House, Once Upon a Time and The Office (the US version!), but I'm also rewatching some old favourites like Gilmore Girls and Black Books! 

6) Have you watched any films lately that you would recommend to us?

I finally went to see The Theory of Everything last weekend and it was just incredible, Eddie Redmayne was absolutely fantastic, and so was Felicity Jones! So definitely see it if you have the chance. I also watched a Lena Dunham film on Netflix called Tiny Furniture, which is great if you're not long out of university and feeling a bit overwhelmed with life! And I always, always recommend Silver Linings Playbook, to anyone and everyone - it's one of my all-time favourite films!

7) Is there an item of clothing in your wardrobe that you keep reaching for?

Right now I have a black cardigan from the Cameo Rose concession in New Look that I'm wearing over everything! 

8) Do you have a favourite accessory at the moment?

I have a thing for foxes, and for Christmas my parents got me a little silver necklace with a fox on it, which I cannot stop wearing!

9) Are there any beauty products that you are lusting after right now?

Always! There are a few bits and pieces from Nars that are firmly on my wishlist at the moment - generally, I'm more of a drugstore makeup girl, but the Nars eyeshadows are just amazing! So a little Nars eyeshadow palette wouldn't go amiss ;)

10) Do you have any beauty essentials?

I'm a big fan of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask - it smells incredible and always makes my skin feel amazing. Also, Batiste dry shampoo - the dark brown one - is a life saver for me on second day hair! Lastly, the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover pot totally changed my relationship with nail polish - it's so quick and easy and makes the process of taking off nail polish so much simpler!

11) Have you bought any new items of make up recently?

I'm trying to watch the pennies right now, but I did pick up a couple of pieces from Bourjois in a buy one get one half price offer yesterday! I got the Colorboost Lip Crayon in Proudly Naked, which is absolutely amazing (I love that range!), and the Colorband Eyeshadow Crayon in Rose Fauviste, which is a gorgeous rose gold. I also got the new Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation - I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know what I think!

12) You always have awesome eyeliner - do you have any tips?

Aww thank you so much - I do love my winged liner! Honestly, my main tips would be; don't be afraid to go for it - if you're too cautious, your hand is more likely to shake! The worst that can happen is you make a mess and you start again! Speaking of which, do your eye makeup before your base, that way if you do mess up you only have to redo your eyes. And just keep practicing! Like anything, practice really does make perfect - I actually did an eyeliner 101 post recently, talking about this in a bit more depth :)

13) What are your favourite high street shops?

For makeup, Boots and Superdrug (of course!), for clothes H&M and otherwise, I love a browse in Paperchase and Waterstones!

14) Is there one item of make up that you always carry with you?

My Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer comes everywhere with me - I'd be lost without that stuff!!

15) What are your favourite things about being a blogger and YouTuber?

I love that it has taught me so many new skills, and that it gives me a little creative outlet to talk about the things that make me happy, but honestly, my favourite thing is the community! I love to write, and I love to make videos, but the best thing to come out of this is the friendships I've made! I've met so many amazing people, some of whom have become some of my best friends in real life, and others who I talk to in Twitter chats, or in video comments/blog comments, and that just amazes me. It's something I liked the idea of before I started blogging, but I never expected it to have such a huge impact on my life. 

Ah Lynsey gave some awesome answers there! I really loved getting to ask her lots of questions. So, thank you so  so much to Lynsey for taking part in this interview-it was great fun. You can find all of Lynsey's links below so go and say hi to her.

Here are all of Lynsey's Links:

Nails Inc's Chiltern Street Gel Effect Polish

I really love Nails Inc's Chiltern Street Gel Effect Polish as it provides such an immaculate finish. It is a gorgeous pale pink shade and is perfect for spring. I never used to be attracted to pale pink shades of polish but now I adore them. I think it is because my love for pastel shades has grown majorly.

This polish applies beautifully as the formula is excellent. Nails Inc's Gel formula is spot on. The curved brush is just the perfect size to apply the polish with. This polish really does glide onto the nails. It is totally streak free within two coats and dries fairly quickly too. Chiltern Street is a really hard wearing polish. 

Are any of you fans of Nails Inc? What do you think of their Chiltern Street Gel Effect Polish? I would love to hear from you! 

Models Own Indigo Colour Chrome Polish

I am completely addicted to wearing Models Owns Colour Chrome Polishes. I especially love this gorgeous Indigo Colour Chrome Polish. It is just so pretty. Models Own are kicking butt with their polishes this year.

Indigo applies really nicely to the nails and dries super quickly. You can get away with just one coat of this polish but I would advise applying two coats. Definitely leave your first coat of polish to dry before you apply your second coat otherwise you might drag your polish. This polish is also very hard wearing.

I highly recommend trying this beautiful Indigo polish. Two massive thumbs up from me!

Have you tried Models Own's Indigo Colour Chrome Polish? What do you think of it? I love hearing from you!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polish

I completely forgot to tell you a few weeks ago that I had purchased these new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polishes. They are such lovely colours I was drawn to them instantly. I have review posts about all of these polishes coming up soon so keep an eye out for those.

Have you guys tried any of these new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polishes yet? Would you like to try them? Let me know your thoughts guys!:)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Miss Selfridge Pink Stone Statement Necklace

I bought this Pink Stone Necklace from Miss Selfridge during their sale at the end of last year. I really like it because it is a slightly more understated statement necklace. It is perfect for days when you don't want your statement necklace to be too flamboyant.

I love it's golden chain and the fact that it is fairly light weight for a statement necklace. The combination of pale pink stones and sparkly jewels is lovely.

What do you think about this necklace? I love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

I got my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite on Christmas Day and I haven't been able to put it down since. I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I never thought I would love it as much as I actually do.

I originally felt that purchasing a kindle was unnecessary as I read books on my iPhone. However, it had made reading books digitally so much more pleasurable. I also think it has increased the speed at which I read books and increased the amount of books that I read greatly.

The Kindle itself is extremely easy to navigate. Even my mum managed to use her Kindle and she is not so good with technology. It is really easy to make the font larger or smaller, to adjust the brightness for reading in different light levels and to purchase books. The books available on Amazon Kindle are often cheaper than on iBooks. There is also a wider range of books and all of the classics are either free or cost £0.99. 

I have found that the kindle is a great size to carry around and so easy to hold as it's not to heavy. You also don't need to hold it too close to your face. I found that it is a lot better for reading in bed than the iPhone. You can really read the Kindle comfortably at any angle which I love. 

The battery on the Kindle lasts for a really long time unlike the iPhone which used to be drained when I read books on it.

Another bonus with the Amazon Kindle is that it calculates your reading speed and you can choose to have the time and percentage left in the book displayed at the bottom of the screen. I love this as I find it encourages me to read books to the end and feel a sense of achievement. 

When you turn your kindle off there are very cute screen savers which do not appear to drain your battery in any way. I know this is just an aesthetic feature but I love it.

I am not sure how I lived without my Kindle and sometimes just find myself wanting to carry it around because I love it so much which is a tad embarrassing. It is definitely one of the best pieces of technology I have ever acquired. I highly recommend it.

Do you have an Amazon Kindle? What do you think of it? Have you been pondering whether to buy one?

Topshop's Sweet & Elite Polish

Topshop's Sweet & Elite Polish is a lovely pink shimmery, pearlised polish with a hint of lilac.

This polish looks great on the nails and the formula is just amazing. It is super smooth to apply and paints on effortlessly with the perfect brush provided. Two coats of this polish is all you need for streak free nails. It dries really quickly too and is very hard wearing which is great.

I can't wait to wear this polish with some lovely glitter on top of it. I would highly recommend this polish and all of Topshop's nail polish.

Have you tried this polish? What do you think about it? Are you a fan of Topshop polishes?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

NEW VIDEO: The TV Show/Movie Tag

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great weekend! I am having a super busy one.

I've just uploaded my brand new video and it's the TV Show/Movie Tag. I love TV Shows & Movies as I'm sure all of you do so I had heaps of fun filming this video!

I tag you all to do it too!

You can watch it here:) 

Interview with Eden from

Today's interview is with Eden from A few months ago Eden and I started chatting on twitter about our mutual love for Gossip Girl and a tag video which I had just uploaded. Since then I have discovered that she makes great YouTube videos and is just a great girl in general. You can check out her blog here and her YouTube channel here .  She has also just got an absolutely beautiful wee puppy so you definitely need to go and subscribe to her channel.

1)Which shade/brand of nail polish are you loving at the moment?

Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, in shade GNP 10. 
This is a nude colour that is so easy to wear! 

2)When did you start writing your blog?
Start of December! Around 3 months ago; still a newbie!

3)What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?
I guess cause everyone else seemed to have one I just wanted to be part of it! 

4)What are you enjoying most about being a blogger and YouTuber?
I love the blogger community! I don't think you realise that there is such a big community there until you actually start to blog, or at least I didn't! Generally, everyone is so wonderful and supportive - I love it when I get some spare time to just sit and read everyone's blogs and catch up with everything; it's like one giant family.

5)Do you have a favourite item of clothing at the moment?
Silk Shirts! These are my go to thing for both work and day to day wear! 
They're so easy to wear and cover up all my sins! 

6)Which high street shop can you not resist spending your money in?
Primark! Everything is just such good value for money! 
I could literally spend all day in Primark - as long as it wasn't a Saturday! 

7)Are there any beauty products that you are obsessed with at the moment?
Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer!
I have only just jumped on the band wagon for this after hearing so many amazing reviews and I love it! It's also fabulous for contouring - happy days! 

8)I know you love Gossip Girl but do you have any other favourite TV shows?
Not religiously. I love a good documentary or 'real life drama'.

9)Have you got any beauty essentials?
Serum!? Does that count!? I just love the way it makes my skin feel and look. 
If not, I have to say brow products! At the moment I am using, and loving, the Barry M Brow Kit. This seems to be the cheapest of its kind on the market yet it does exactly what you would want from it.

10)Are there any songs that you just can’t stop listening to right now?
I am loving two songs at the moment! Hoizer - Take Me to Church and Avicii - The Nights.
If you are yet to listen to Hoizer, you have to give them a listen! 

11)Have you discovered any new beauty products recently that you love?
Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer for sure! I still can't believe I am only just trying this!

12)What is your favourite accessory just now?
A statement necklace.
I am quite boring with my fashion sense I think, I like simple and plain clothing so I find a nice, statement necklace is an instant outfit maker! 

13)Have you got a favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
It used to be a Jack Wills woolen jumper until it got shrunk in the wash *sob*
I guess it would have to be a black, midi, long sleeved dress! Boring, I know; I can literally wear it anywhere and just change what I pair it with! It is so versatile! 

14)What is on your lust list?
A rose gold watch, a tablet and also a nice travel suitcase :) (if anyone reading this would like to purchase any of these things for me I would be super grateful and you would have my eternal love in return!)

15)What make up item do you always carry with you?
Mascara! I am terrible for rubbing, touching and playing with my eyes so this is a must for me!

Ah I thought Eden gave some awesome answers.  I want to say a huge thank you to her for taking part. I wouldn't be able to publish these posts if amazing bloggers and YouTubers like Eden didn't spare some of their time to answer my questions. So, thanks so much again Eden! Please go and check out her blog and YouTube channel.

Here are Eden's Links:







Friday, 20 March 2015

NOTD: Green Chrome & Glitter

Hey guys!

I completely forgot to show you this lovely nail polish combination that I was wearing a few weeks ago. I'm wearing Models Own's Green Colour Chrome Polish with Topshop's Klaxon glitter polish on one of my nails.

What do you guys think about this polish combo? Have you tried either of these polishes? I would love to hear from you!

Models Own's Colour Chrome Cerise Polish

Models Own's Chrome Cerise Polish is a stunning deep pink metallic polish. I love this shade of polish and I'm really excited to wear it with a nice glitter polish.

The polish formula is really nice but be aware it dries super quickly. Make sure you leave your nails to dry a bit between each coat of this polish or you will disturb the first coat. I found the brush was good at applying this gorgeous polish. I have only used one coat of this polish here but I'd recommend using two for longevity. Once applied this polish does dry really quickly which is awesome!

I think Models Own's Chrome Nail Polish Collection is amazing and just what we need for spring!

What do you think of this polish? Have you tried any of the new Models Own Chrome Polishes yet?

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Fondant Polish

I am so happy that the awesome Barry M have brought out three new Gelly Hi-Shine polishes. Fondant is this gorgeous lilac polish which is just so beautiful. I love that it's a pastel shade yet still quite bright.

The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shines are some of my favourite polishes and Fondant definitely didn't disappoint. The formula was extremely good and the polish glided smoothly on to my nails. The brush was just perfect for applying the polish and I love that it was opaque after two coats. I found that this polish lasted well without chipping when worn with a good base and top coat.

I can't resist pretty polishes like this and it's such good quality. I highly recommend Barry M's Fondant Gelly Hi-Shine Polish.

What do you think of this polish? Have you tried it yet?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pretty Little Liars: One To Watch

Pretty Little Liars is one of my all time favourite programmes of the last few years. It's absolutely thrilling and I was hooked from the first episode. Netflix have now amazingly added all 5 seasons plus weekly new episodes to their repertoire of TV shows so I thought it was about time I recommended it to you all.

If you haven't seen it I would definitely urge you to give it a watch.  It's about four friends and their journey to find out what happened to their missing friend.  The twists, turns and revelations within each season are extremely gripping and each episode leaves you wanting to know more. 

Without spoiling the plot for you I am always trying to figure out who has done what and why? There are so many theories about who the "villain" is it's really fun to try and play detective.

I would describe it as thrilling rather than scary as I can't watch scary things. Though sometimes I do have to mute the volume as I think the music can make it more sinister.

Some of the situations the main characters find themselves in are so exciting or brilliantly absurd I wonder how the writers manage to come up with such unique story lines.

I can't wait for the big reveal in the season 5 finale episode on the 24th March!

Pretty Little Liars is definitely the must see TV show of 2015! I highly recommend it!

Are you a fan of Pretty Little Liars? If you haven't seen it yet would you like to in the future? Let me know your thoughts!

Cath Kidston Heart Print Mug

Oh my goodness-I had to show you the adorable Cath Kidston Heart Print Mug that I bought my mum for her birthday. I love it so much and luckily she does too!

She drinks three cups of tea a day which she savours so I knew that this gorgeous heart print mug would be perfect for her. She is also developing a love for Cath Kidston. I think that is my fault though. 

What do you guys think of this Cath Kidston Mug? Would you like this mug in your cupboard?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

NOTD:Pink Chrome & Sparkles

Hey guys!

I've got another quick NOTD post for you today. I am loving wearing Models Own Colour Chrome Pink Polish with this Rimmel Silver Hographic Square Glitter  Polish. I think they look so pretty together and the glitter just adds a bit of extra beauty to the pink Colour Chrome Polish.

What do you guys think of my NOTD combination? Do you like this combo? I love hearing from you!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Miss Selfridge Multicoloured Jewell Necklace

There is something exotic about this Multicoloured Jewell Necklace from Miss Selfridge. I bought this in the sale and it was an absolute bargain at only a few pounds.

Miss Selfridge necklaces are made really well and this one is no exception. I love the combination of the different shaped and sized multicoloured jewels. It makes the necklace look really tropical. The deep colours of the jewels gives the feeling of luxury. The chain is really smooth so it is really comfy to wear.

What do you think of this necklace? I would love to hear your thoughts guys!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Interview with Chantelle from The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

The second post in my blogger interview series is with Chantelle from The Girl In The Tartan Scarf. Chantelle has a great blog and makes absolutely amazing YouTube videos not to mention she is one of the loveliest girls I have come across in the blogging world. She is also a fellow Scot so I urge you all to check out her blog here  and her youtube channel here . You will be addicted to her videos I promise!

1) What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?
I am absolutely loving Essie Bordeaux at the moment. I am always drawn to a really dark, deep red nail because I think it's such a classic colour that looks well with basically everything!

2) Why did you start your blog?
I remember reading (and loving) blogs for a really long time and decided after a while that I wanted to create my own little corner on the internet. I really love photography and pretty photos so having a blog allows me to experiment a bit more with photography and of course share my love of fashion and beauty with the world...or anyone who is willing to listen to me really haha!

3) What inspired you to start making YouTube videos?
Again, like blogging I've always loved watching youtube videos! I probably watch more youtube videos than I do TV!! After a year or so of toing and froing I decided to bite the bullet and make my own and here I am a year down the line, and absolutely loving making videos!

4)What do you enjoy most about blogging?
This is an easy one...the people! I've met so many amazing and lovely people through blogging, including you Stef! :) It's just amazing being a part of the blogging community, everyone is just so supportive and lovely and it's amazing to be able to chat to so many of you through social media every day about things we're both passionate about...I love it! :)

5)What do you enjoy most about making YouTube videos?
Again, definitely the people I've met. I genuinely believe I have the loveliest subscribers! There's so many who have been there from day one and haven't missed a video, and always give me a little nudge of support whenever I upload a new video. I also just love sitting down and filming/editing. It might sound weird but I really do feel like I'm talking to everyone rather than just talking to a camera...although at the end of the day I really am just talking to a camera haha!

6)What is your favourite accessory right now?
Hmmm this is a hard one. I'm a big earring person, so I've been really loving a new earring I got from Maria Black. You can buy them separately, which is what I done so I've been wearing it in my right ear. It's in the shape of a wing so it's quite a statement piece but I really love it! :) 

7)Which beauty products are you loving at the moment?
Ooooooh you can't ask a beauty hoarder this question it's too hard haha!! If I had to only name a couple (I'd be here all day otherwise) then I'd have to say the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I've been raving about it so much on my youtube channel and blog that everyone is probably sick of me talking about it! I've also been using my Hourglass ambient lighting blush palette almost every single day since I got it and I'm still obsessed with it. I wouldn't even say I'm a big blush person but it's just such a pretty palette. If you're a blush hoarder you definitely NEED this in your life!

8)Are there any high street shops that you are obsessed with right now?
Topshop and Zara will forever be my two favourite high street shops. I always know that if I go into either of them that I will either leave with something or a wish list as long as my arm!

9)What do you love more-footwear or coats/jackets?(I know thats a tough one for you!)
Stef, this has to be the toughest question ever haha! I think I'd have to say coats/jackets! I don't know what it is I just seem to have zero will power when I see a nice jacket or coat...let's be honest I'm probably the same with shoes but probably more so with jackets, I just have no self control!

10)I know you love to bake so what is your favourite thing to bake at the moment?
I've been baking a LOT recently. I don't know why, I think the cold weather brings out my sweet tooth...or that's my excuse anyway. I've been making a lot of banana bread lately. It tastes more of ginger than banana really which is why I think I love it so much. It's been going down well my family and friends who keep requesting me to make it so I must be doing something right!

11) Do you have a favourite TV show on Netflix right now?
I'm watching a few things on Netflix right now, one of them being Gossip Girl. I'm going to miss it when it finishes but I can't wait for it to finish at the same time, because then I can start watching Pretty Little Liars! Now no judgement when I tell you this but another thing I've been loving watching is...Angel and Buffy (hides eyes) haha! I watch at least one episode most days, usually during lunch and my favourite has to be Angel. It's totally taken me back to my youth haha! It's just one of those things you can have on in the background and not need to tune into too much...that's how I justify watching it anyway!

12)Which item of make up can you not stop using?
An item I got recently and have been absolutely loving using is the Body Shop Wonderblur. It's a pore minimising primer that leaves my face feeling SO smooth. I've been using it non stop since I got it!

13)Do you have a favourite song at the moment?
This is an easy one, definitely Uptown Funk! I've been going to Zumba classes and this is one of the tracks that gets played, so every time I hear it now I'm just twitching to pull out some of my Zumba moves haha!

14)How would you describe your style?(I know thats a bit of a cheesy question but I thought it would be fun)
I'd say for the most part I go for a pretty classic look. My wardrobe mainly consists of white, black and grey so for an everyday look you'll see me in black skinny jeans or cropped trousers and a white or grey top with some heeled boots and a smart(ish) coat or a leather jacket. I do try and inject a bit of colour and there, although I'm the type of person who just wears what suits me...I won't jump on a new trend if it's not 'me'. I hope that explains my style a little!

15)Which beauty brand do you think always gets it just right?
The brand that comes straight to mind is Nars. They just always seem to get it right. I have so many Nars products that I love and use almost every day! I got an email alert earlier about some new releases from them and it's taking all of my willpower to not have a browse online...'browsing' never ends well for me!

I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Chantelle for taking part in this interview. Her answers are great and I am sure she has made all of you smile. I am absolutely loving publishing this interview series. There are lots more interviews with some excellent bloggers and YouTubers to come.

Here are Chantelle’s links:

NEW VIDEO: The Throwback Tag

Hey guys!

I had so much fun filming The Throwback Tag so I hope you guys enjoy it!

I tag all of you to do it too on your YouTube channels and your blogs!

You can watch my video here:)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Topshop's The Love Below Polish

Topshop's The Love Below Polish is a really awesome mid pink polish with a sheer shimmer through it. I am a bit of a sucker for pink polish.

This Polish was, as expected, really great. Topshop's polish colour pigmentations are always on point so this colour is great. The formula is amazing and glides beautifully on to the nails with the great brush provided. I only applied two coats of polish to achieve opaque nails. This polish dried really quickly and is really long lasting too!

What do you think about this polish? Have you ever tried Topshop nail polish & if you have do you have a favourite shade?

Modern Family:One To Watch

I discovered Modern Family a few years ago but for some reason I have never mentioned how great it is on my blog or YouTube channel. 

It is all about the dynamics within an extended family and it is filmed as if it were a reality show with interview segments with some of the characters. I think that is a really interesting concept.

The story lines are hilarious and the comedic acting is just brilliant. If you are looking for a tv show that is a little bit different but still really funny with great story lines then you might like Modern Family.

I would definitely recommend it to you guys!

Have you ever seen Modern Family before? Are you already a fan of the show like I am? Let me know in the comments section!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

New Nails Inc Polishes

Nails Inc have some absolutely lovely new spring polishes available at the moment. I treated myself to a few using my Nails Inc VIP points. I have tried four of these polishes so far and I love them. There will be lots of reviews and photos coming soon.

Have you bought any Nails Inc Polishes recently? Are there any that you have had your eye on? I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Models Own's Colour Chrome Silver Polish

Models Own's Chrome Silver Polish is probably the most gorgeous silver polish that I own. I am very glad I bought this polish.

It applies so beautifully to the nails-it's like molten metal! The formula is awesome and is so fast drying that once you have applied one coat it's best to leave the polish to dry for a few minutes before applying more. The brush is good and your nails are totally opaque within two coats of polish. You could probably get away with just one coat but I think two coats will be more hard wearing. The speed at which this polish dries is amazing.

I really love this polish. I'm looking forward to using it to create some spotty nail art.

What do you guys think about this polish? Would you like to try the Models Own Chrome polishes?

Tanya Burr: Love Tanya Book Review

I bought Tanya Burr's book Love Tanya because I have watched her YouTube videos for years and really like her as a person. I also love her nail polish range.

I was very impressed with how the book reads almost exactly if Tanya was explaining things or telling stories on her YouTube channel. You can tell that this book is something she took very seriously and worked hard on.

I also am very impressed by the balance of the different subjects she wrote about. There was just enough on subjects such as beauty, fashion and more personal sections about her childhood. I love that she has included a section on recipes that she uses a lot. I think that all the wonderful aspects of her personality that we see in her videos are encompassed in this book.

Tanya puts foreword a very positive message about life and things you can do to make it easier for you to have a healthy and happy life. This includes eating well and exercising.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was almost like reading a book written by a friend. Tanya's awesome personality shines throughout.

I would definitely recommend this book. I wouldn't be writing about it if I didn't love it!

Have you read Tanya's book? What did you think about it? Or would you like to read it?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Cheeky Wee NOTD Post

Hey guys!

I am loving the nail polish that I am wearing this week so I really wanted to show it to you. Thats why I'm doing this wee impromptu post. The lilac polish is Nails Inc's Abbey Road Polish and the glitter is Barry M's Atlantis Polish. Aren't they just gorgeous?!

Have you tried either of these polishes before? What do you think of this combination?

Breville Blend Active Blender: One Year On

My Breville Blend Active Blender is now over one year old and I have literally used it almost everyday since I got it. It was £29.99 very well spent.

I still love it as much now as the first time I tried it. I would be pretty lost without being able to blend up fresh fruit everyday. I think it has really benefited my health.

You can watch both of my review videos here  and here .

My Breville Blend Active is one of the best discoveries I have ever made and I can't rave about it enough. It is so easy to use and clean. I highly recommend it!

Do you have a Breville Blend Active Blender? Or would you like to get one? What are your thoughts? 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Topshop's Silver Spoon Polish

I really like Topshop's Silver Spoon polish because it is a very unusual grey/lilac/silver pearlised polish. I don't have any other polish like it. I am loving wearing it with colourful glitter polish at the moment.

This polish has an excellently smooth polish formula which applies effortlessly to the nails. The brush is perfect for applying this beautiful polish and it dries really quickly. It is also really long lasting when worn with a good base and top coat. 

If you are looking for a polish that is a little bit different to what you normally wear I would recommend this one.

What do you think of Topshop's Silver Spoon polish? Would you normally wear this shade of polish?