Friday, 6 March 2015

Orly's Silver Holographic Glitter Polish

Orly's Silver Holographic Glitter Polish is exactly as it's name suggests. It's a silver holographic glitter polish. It was really difficult to capture its beauty on camera but in real life it is very holographic indeed which is great.

I found there was too much clear polish in proportion to glitter but I managed to scoop the glitter out. Once I managed to get the glitter onto the brush the glitter applied nicely to the nails. I was fairly strategic about its placement. It dried in good time and wasn't too catchy.

I really love how this polish looks but I was a little bit disappointed with the amount of clear polish that was in the bottle as it was just too much.

Overall, I do love the holographic effect.

What do you guys think about this polish? Have you tried Orly Polishes before? 

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