Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Nails #1:Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in Batty For You

Ok so I know that my posts have been rather erratic recently and well a bit non existent. I've really missed posting regularly so hopefully I will be back to regular posting ASAP. So, seeing as its nearly Halloween I thought I would do a three part series of posts on Halloween nails. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do any Halloween nail art which is a shame but I have been getting in the spirit of things with some crazy cute Sally Hansen nail polish strips. I thought it might give you inspiration to try out some spooky nail art.

The first Halloween nail strips I tried by Sally Hansen were called Batty for You. They are a gorgeous deep metallic purple colour with black bats on them. These nail strips are super cute and pretty subtle in their spookiness so if you want more subtle Halloween nails then these might be for you. I think they actually just look like animal print unless people look closely. I had a hospital appointment and these nail strips were getting a thumbs up from the nurses. 

I really love these. They secretly reminded me of being a wee kid and dressing up as a witch with a purple feather bowa :-). As always, Sally Hansen's nail polish strips did not disappoint in their quality and longevity.

Have you ever tried these? Have you been experimenting with Halloween nail art?