Saturday, 2 April 2016

Archived: MAC's Quick Million Glitter Polish

MAC's Quick Million Glitter Polish is such a beautiful polish. I am actually siting staring at my nails as I type this because I am wearing it right now. It is a fine yellow gold glitter with medium and large hexagonal rose gold glitter particles throughout it. It goes amazingly well with pink nail polish.

Quick Million is an absolute dream to apply as the formula and glitter glides onto the nails perfectly. It is a full coverage glitter and it's just the right consistency. It is also super smooth to the touch once it is dry. An added bonus is that it dries fairly quickly and is also pretty hard wearing. 

I am so excited that this MAC polish is so great. I will definitely be purchasing more MAC glitter nail polishes in the future.

What do you guys think of MAC's Quick Million Glitter Polish? Is it a polish you would like to try? Have you got any favourite MAC polishes? Let me know!

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