Saturday, 2 April 2016

Archived: Topshop's Stars & Stripes Nail Polish

Topshop's Stars & Stripes Polish is an awesome red, white and blue themed polish. It looks like the American flag has burst all over your nails-in a pretty way of course!

This polish is really cool as it has red strands of matte glitter, white specs of matte glitter, blue hexagonal matte glitter particles and large white stars. I have painted this glitter polish over a black base which I think looks great.

Stars & Stripes applied well and I strategically placed the stars onto my nails rather than trying to paint then on. This technique worked well. The polish dried really quickly and I have to say that the corners of the stars weren't too catchy.

This is such a special polish. I've never seen a polish like this before from any other brand. I love that Topshop has once again brought out something different and amazing. I highly recommend trying this polish as it is just awesome.

What do you think about Topshop's Stars & Stripes polish? Have you ever seen a red, white and blue American flag polish before? I would love to heart from you!

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