Thursday, 10 December 2015

Models Own's Sheer Sparkle GlitterGel Polish

Models Own's Sheer Sparkle GlitterGel Polish is an awesome sparkly gold polish. What I think is great about this particular polish is that you can wear it as a sheer polish over your natural nails or you can paint it over another polish to add a bit of extra sparkle. I painted it over my natural nails but ended up applying three coats of polish because my natural nails are quite stained. I am not keen on people seeing my natural nails so the next time I wear this polish I will definitely be painting it over another polish. 

Sheer Sparkle has a beautifully smooth formula and a perfect consistency. Even though it is sheer this polish is not thin and watery which is great. I love the polish brush provided.

For those who love the sheer polish look I think this would be a great polish for you. Those of us who tend to hide our natural nails we can still enjoy this gorgeous polish by applying to over another polish to add some sparkle.

Are you a lover of sheer nail polish? What do you think about Models Own's Sheer Sparkle GlitterGel polish? I love hearing your thoughts!


  1. Not so keen on sheer polishes as my nails are stained. This one is okay :-)

    1. me neither-i definitely think this is one to be worn over another polish:)thanks for reading chick:)xxx