Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fav Polish Posts #1 Barry M Black Croc Effect Polish

Hey guys!

This week I will be doing a series showing you what are in my opinion some of the best polishes that I have posted about in the last year. I posted about Barry M's Black Croc Effect polish at the beginning of July last year and I love it so much that I thought I would post about it for those who didn't know about my blog in July......

I know that Barry M Black Croc Effects nail polish has been around for ages but I thought I would give it a try seeing as it is so reasonably priced and I have been more experimental with my nails recently. I am really glad I did - I was really impressed by this polish. You paint a thin layer of this over a other colour of polish and boom an amazing pattern appears. I found this polish so easy to apply, it literally glides on. The thinner the coat of this polish that you paint on the more detailed the pattern turns out. It is really quite amazing as it does look like croc.

I used this polish over orange, red and white polish. I think it looks really stunning over white. I would highly recommend this polish if you like the pattern.

let me know what your thoughts are on these photos please? Would love to know!


  1. This gives such a good effect on a white base! It looks a lot better than the normal crackle nail varnish! xx

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    1. yes i agree actually!!i would def recommend trying this polish & using a white base:)thanks for your comment chick:)xx