Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Flashback #4 Ikat Nail Art Guide

My fourth flashback post is on my Ikat Nail Art Guide. I really love the Ikat design so I thought I would resurrect this post for you. I have included photos of my original attempt at it and my neon version too. I would like to try it out again with some different colours. Here is the post..........

Ikat nail art is quite simple to create but very effective. I took inspiration from all of the nail art photos and tutorials online. There are so many variations of this design and ways of creating it. I can't wait to try out the Ikat design in lots of different colours. Here is how I created my Ikat nails:

1)Apply base coat

2)Apply 2 coats of chosen base colour.

3)Using a dotting tool and some white polish create flame shapes on each nail. This will be for the base of your Ikat design.

4)Then use a different colour of polish on your dotting tool to place a flame like patch of polish in the middle of all of your white flame shapes. I used neon pink polish to do this.

5)Use your nail art brush/pen to create small and light brush strokes around your white flame shapes.

6)Then take your nail art brush/pen and create a small black curved flame shape inside your coloured flame shapes.

7)Leave to dry thoroughly and gently apply a top coat.

Please let me know if you have tried Ikat nail art or whether you are going to try it and what colours you have used!

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