Friday, 21 March 2014

Flashback #6 Ciate Colourfoil Manicure

I was looking back at my old blog post photos and I came across the ones from my Ciate Colourfoil Manicure post. You can get such a cool look with this foil I must dig my set out ASAP!......

When I came across Ciate's Colourfoil Manicure set I knew I would love to try it out. It was totally my kinda thing - sparkly foil which you can apply anywhere on your nail - so arty and amazing I could have squealed!

This product is beautifully packaged as like all Ciate products. The set includes a full size bottle of polish, a good number of sheets of foil, glue to stick the foil to your nails and a swatch wheel.  

My first attempt at trying this out did not go very well as I tried to stick the wrong side of the foil to my nail. Also, I had not waited long enough for the nail polish to dry which resulted in me pulling all of the polish off of my nail leaving a horrible mess. 

My top tip is to leave your polish to dry for an hour or two before you attempt to create your work of art with the foil. Make sure that you place the foil the correct way down and only use a very light layer of the glue because if you use too much it becomes very messy and does not turn out as well as it could do. You really can create some amazing sparkly designs. 

I would also advise that when you put a top coat on to do it as gently as possible and try not to drag the brush over the foil as the colours of the foil can smear. I felt that the top coat killed the sparkle of the foil a bit which is quite disappointing. 

Overall, I think the positives of this product outweigh the negatives. The Ciate Colourfoil set is pretty cool as you can create something very arty and unique in a fairly short time. It did not take me long to create cute nails at all and it wasn't a faff to do. 

This set was very much worth the £18.00 that I spent on it as I have not seen anything like it before. It was a total treat to myself. It would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a nail enthusiast.


  1. That looks soooooo cool!


  2. thanks so much lovely!it was really fun to do:)xx