Friday, 21 March 2014

Flashback #7 Rainbow Leopard Nail Art

I tried out Rainbow Leopard Print Nail Art way back when I first started blogging and as summer is only a few months away I thought I would show you this post again.......

I had been looking forward to creating some rainbow leopard print nails for a while but had just never had the time. Finally, I tried it out and I absolutely love them. They are so pretty and bold in just the right way. I really want to try heaps of nail designs involving rainbow now or ombré! I think rainbow may be my new addiction!

Things you will need :- base coat, white polish, a selection of polishes of your choice, make up sponges, a black nail art pen/brush and a top coat.

Here is a step by step guide as to how I accomplished my awesome rainbow leopard print nails:

1)Apply base coat.

2)Paint two coats of white polish onto your nails and leave to dry for a good 45 minutes-if you don't leave the polish to dry for long enough it will be pulled off when you dab on your coloured polish with a sponge and will look messy-I learned this the hard way!

3)Use your make up sponges to dab on your rainbow colours (I cut my sponges up into small bits and held them in between my fingers to apply the polish as well as placing the sponge between tweezers).

4)Blend each colour into the next with the sponge. Sometimes I added a hint of white polish to help the colours blend more easily. I had attempted to paint all of the colours onto one full sized make up sponge and gently transfer the polish onto my nails but I found that this did not work as well. I also found that the make up sponges that I originally used didn't work very well as they would pull the polish off of the nail. I then switched to a different type of make up sponge which created better results. You could also use eye shadow applicators.

5)Once your rainbow background is dry gently paint your leopard print pattern onto your nails using your black nail art pen/brush. 

6)Leave your leopard pattern to dry before gently applying your top coat so as not to smudge your black leopard print.

I found that this design took me a while as it was my first attempt ever but I'm sure that practice makes perfect and next time it won't take as long. 

I'd love to hear if any of you have tried rainbow nails?:)

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