Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Black Suede Biker Boots

The first pair of Biker Boots that I purchased were these perforated suede ones. I was really unsure of whether I would be able to pull them off but since the first time I wore them I have never looked back.

They are not too manly which makes them perfect and they are extremely comfortable. They look very cute with dresses and add a bit of a grungy edge to what I'm wearing which I really love. As these boots are suede it means that they are not too hot to wear in the summer which is great as I'm an all year round boots wearer!

I love the buckle detailing on them as well as the perforated section. It's really unique!

All in all I just love these boots-I would definitely recommend trying out a pair of Biker Boots! If I can pull them off then anyone can.

What do you think of my Suede Biker Boots? Do you have a pair of Biker Boots?

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