Thursday, 7 August 2014

Worth A Watch: Educating Essex

I watched Educating Essex when it was first shown on Channel 4 and totally fell in love with it. I have just watched the whole series again on Netflix and loved it just as much. 

It is a frank and funny documentary focusing on the challenges of both being a pupil and being a teacher. It is great to watch as a young adult because it reminds you of all the mischief that surrounded you at school but also provides a teachers perspective.

I can only dread to think the kind of things that kids at my secondary school used to get up to and what would have been captured on camera if it had been filmed.

I highly recommend watching Educating Essex if you are able to. There were so many moments where I literally couldn't stop chuckling about what the kids had done or said.

Have you guys seen a Educating Essex or Educating Yorkshire? What did you think?


  1. I watched Educating Yorkshire and Ioved it, I even cried a few times. I have to watch this one too! Thanks for the recommendation

    1. Yes educating yorkshire was so good too!!love them both!if you want an extra fix then def watch educating essex!!you're very welcome hun!:-)thanks for commenting:)xxx