Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Favourite Mug

Until I became an avid peppermint tea drinker I really hadn't paid much attention to Cath Kidston's home ware collections. However, last christmas I fell in love with one of her christmas santa mugs which started my obsession.

I discovered this gorgeous floral mug when I was trying to buy a replacent santa mug because my dad accidentally smashed my original one.

Not only does this mug have a beautiful design but it is also the perfect size. It is so comfy to hold as it's not too heavy and the handle is just the right shape.

Every morning I reach for this mug. I think I would be a little lost without it.

Do you guys have an absolute favourite mug for your tea/coffee? What do you think of this Cath Kidston one?


  1. that's a super cute mug! i don't have a mug but I do have a cup that I like to use all the time :P


    1. ooh yeh i also have a favourite cup haha!:)thanks so much for reading lovely:)xx