Sunday, 19 October 2014

Essie Set In Stones Glitter Polish

Essie's Set In Stones Polish is a gorgeous silver glitter polish. It has become a staple glitter polish amongst my polish collection and even my mum has bought herself a bottle of it after trying out mine.

I think the combination of both large and small silver glitter particles makes this glitter special.

As it is an Essie polish the glitter glides on to the nails beautifully and smoothly which makes it a dream to use. The wide Essie brush coats your nails in glitter perfectly. Of course you do need to do a teeny bit of strategical glitter placement as with all glitter polishes. This polish dries quickly and lasts really well. I love combining it with bright colours of polish. In the photos I have painted it over black.

What do you guys think of this silver glitter polish? Have you ever tried this polish?