Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nails Inc's Baker Street Polish

Nails Inc's Baker Street is an awesome bright cobalt blue polish.  You might have seen it publicised as being worn by celebrities like Beyonce.  It is one of Nails Inc's most well known nail polishes.  

I love how bright it is when it is on. You only need two coats to make sure the finish is perfect and it is fairly shiny even without a top coat.  Although, I would always recommend wearing a top coat if you want to your chosen nail polish to last more than a few days without chipping.

This colour is so cool, it can totally brighten up an outfit and is just really nice to look at through the day when you are fed up at work.

I have tried it with glitter on top and it looks great. In the photo below I used Nails Inc's Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat to add some sparkle. You can buy this polish for £12.00 from Nails Inc.  Next I will be trying it with polka dots I think.

Some other bloggers/vloggers have said that these bright colours stain their cuticles but I have never come across that with any of the bright Nails Inc colours that I have worn.

If you want something bright that you will use again and again I think this is the polish for you. I am really loving blue nail varnish at the moment but I know some people like more muted neutral polishes. You can buy Baker Street from Nails Inc for £11.00. If you sign up to be a VIP customer you can get 10% off all of their products which is great!!!


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    1. Thanks that polish looks even better in real life-love your chain nails by the way-so cute!cheers for being the first person ever to comment on my blog!:)

    2. i love cariva nails and the colour is very nice *_* your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3 keep in touch!


    3. Thank you for your comment!your blog looks super cute!:)

  2. Wow,this looks sooo beautiful,love your blog.*__*
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  3. Thanks!hopefully will have more nail polish posts up soon!:)