Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nails Inc's Express Nail Polish Remover

Nails Inc's Express Nail Varnish Remover was the first express nail varnish remover in a tub that I had ever come across. Recently I have found out that Boots stock brand name express varnish removers in the same format. I was really impressed with Nails Inc's version though.  I was sceptical at first as I had never tried anything other than normal nail varnish remover. Again I was very pleasantly surprised.  

It costs £6.99 (rather pricey I know!!) and is basically a sponge that is saturated with nail varnish remover inside a tub.  You place each finger individually into the tub and twist your finger so that the sponge rubs off your varnish. It does indeed work fairly quickly even on glitter. You sometimes need to give the edges of your nails where they meet with your skin a bit of a wipe to get any varnish off that the sponge could not reach.

The varnish remover has a really nice smell - it's not the normal strong chemical smell. Plus I think there is something in it that kind of moisturises your skin. It is much nicer than normal remover.

The only down side to this remover is that if you use dark colours all the time when you dip your fingers in it can stain them a bit. But it comes off quite easily once you have washed your hands a few times and if you wanted you could get some remover on cotton wool and gently wipe it off of your skin. Some might argue that this defeats the purpose of the express remover. Also, the glitter obviously stays in the tub if you use glitter polish. My advice would be to have one that you use to remove your colours and one that is solely for glitter polish.  I have been trying to get my paws on another one so I can do just this but they have been sold out for ages. Sad times. I will be using some of my Nails Inc VIP points again to buy it as it is rather expensive.

Over all I think this product is worth the money as a special treat and is perfect for avoiding getting in a mess with lots of bits of cotton wool soaked in remover. You finger tips stay free from all the fluff that comes along with cotton wool too.  I love the bright pink tub it is packaged in- its really cute.

I think Nails Inc's Express Nail Varnish Remover deserves a 9/10.

Does anyone know of any other express nail polish removers that they would recommend or that are more affordable? 

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