Friday, 29 March 2013

Nails Inc's Feather Polish

Nails Inc's latest offering of polish has definitely not let me down. I love the pastel colours used in their new Feather polishes. The mixture of the different colours of feathers is ingenious. I received the Feather polishes and a couple of Essie polishes on the same day and noticed that three of the Feather polishes totally matched with three of my new Essie polishes. I used my new Feather nail polishes over my new Essie polishes and it looks awesome.

I have purchased four of the Feather polishes because I love them so much but Nails Inc have just brought out a fifth Feather polish called Brighton which I will hopefully get at some point.

The first of the four Feather polishes that I have is called York which is a mixture of peach and white feathers. I think this is my favourite Feathers polish just because I am loving peach right now. I have worn it over Essie's Tart Deco and it looks awesome.

Chester Feather polish is a mixture of blue, peach and yellow feathers which is crazy cute. I wore it over Essie's awesome Mint Candy Apple which I love. I am obsessed with mint this year. Chester Feathers over it is just an awesome combination - there is not much more to say other than the word "awesome"!

Edinburgh Feathers is made up of a mixture of peach and pastel blue feathers. I wore this polish over Essie's Bikini So Teeny and again it looks lovely and feathery.

The fourth Feather polish I have is Cornwall Feathers and it is a mixture of deep blue and white feathers. I wore this over Essie's Bikini So Teeny and also tried it over white. You could try it over Nails Inc's Baker Street polish. 

Some people have complained that the polish can leave your nails jagged which can result in your nails catching on your clothes. When I applied the Feather polish I was aware that this could happen so I made sure that any of the feather particles that were pointing over the tips of my nails were smoothed and pushed back with my finger tips.

In my opinion these polishes are much nicer than the loose flecks  of feathers found in Bling it on Feathers and Bling it on Midnight which can fray.

These Feather polishes are unfortunately quite difficult to clean off but  I was expecting that. I think that the effort of removing this polish is worth it for the pretty spring like look that you get.

These pastel colours suit my skin tone really well. I really like the feather print bottle tops too.

I am looking forward to trying these Feather polishes over different colours. I would like to paint them over contrasting colours rather than matching ones. I think I may discover something pretty cool. These polishes are versatile as you can wear them over other colours or just layer them over themselves. I am now quite excited about spring and summer - if we ever get out of winter that is! 

Which of the Feather polishes is your favourite? Have you tried their latest Feather polish called Brighton?

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