Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nails Inc's Soho Street Polish

I think I have discovered one of the most amazingly brilliant polishes ever.  It can be described as stunning. Nails Inc's Soho Street is a multi coloured glitter polish and it is one of the best polishes I have ever come across. I got it in The After Party set as a Christmas present.  I have worn it over Black Taxi and it looks great but I think you could wear it over red too.

The glitter particles consist of gold, red, blue, purple and green. There are various different sizes of glitter which adds to how ace it looks.  The coverage is amazing. You could wear it on its own with two or three coats. When I wore it over Black Taxi I only used one coat. Many people noticed how amazing it was including our mail guy at work. 

Nails Inc have branded it as party glitter but I have worn it to work a few times. Once it was snowing quite heavily and it was taking ages to get to and from work. Whenever I felt tired and depressed due to the weather I would look at my colourful glittery nails.

If you can get your hands on this I would highly highly recommend it. I have a feeling that it may have only been out for Christmas but you might be able to find it on websites such as John Lewis or Debenhams who seem to have some of Nails Inc's older stock. Maybe even EBay!

Let me know what your favourite glitter polish is or if you have tried Nails Inc's Soho Street polish? :)

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