Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nails Inc's Overglaze Topcoats

The Overglaze glitter top coats

I first saw Nails Inc's Overglaze top coats on another vlogger's YouTube channel (Hannah - Snowdrop85).  You should go and check her out!  When I was looking for info about whether or not to buy Nails Inc products I watched her videos and read her blog. She is a fellow Nails Inc obsessive.  She had one of the gossip girl sets that I wish I had known had existed as they looked so cool.  They used to do three sets of these - now they only make two Overglaze topcoats.  So I have totally missed out on a cool blue one.  Nails Inc now sell them as two individual polishes which are called The Donmar and The Wyndham. The Donmar is a golden, red and green colour and it changes colour like a chameleon when the light hits the flecks of glitter at different angles. The Wyndham is more of a green colour which does at some angles have a hint of blue - though it is not as prominent as I would have liked.  

You are meant to wear them over dark colours like black, dark green and dark purple.  I have tried them over Black Taxi which is Nails Inc's famous black polish.  It is so good on its own. It has a totally patent finish. You could wear it with probably just one coat and a top coat - it is really thick and covers well. As with all Nails Inc polishes it applies really well and is hard wearing. These Overglaze polishes look great over it.

I can't decide which one I like more. They are both pretty cool and they make your nails look really special and different to most other glitters and effects. They change colour everytime the light hits them. The flecks of glitter are unique as they are all different shapes and sizes. It is almost as if they are like flecks of gold leaf instead of glitter. Also, once dry these polishes are smooth unlike most glitters.  I really love these.  These polishes make quite an impact and yet they are fairly understated. Definitely worth buying one of them to try it out as it won't disappoint you! So glad I've discovered them.

Please let me know if you have tried the Overglaze polishes or if there are any other brands you would recommend?

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