Saturday, 25 January 2014

Ciate Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls

I got these gorgeous Ciate Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls from the Ciate Advent Calendar 2013. Their name totally sums up just how festive they are. I have paired them with a lovely red polish for extra festiveness. I wish I had tired these pearls out a Christmas time but at least I know that I can wear them next year during the festivities. There are a mixture of red, green and gold pearls in the Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls which is such a perfect combination.  

As I have said in pervious posts, I always use top coat to stick the pearls to my nails. I also would advise to apply these pearls on the day you want to wear them as they do fall off. I tested them to see whether these pearls could cope with me washing my hands and unfortunately the colour from the pearls did bleed so be really careful you don't get it on your clothes. I think you would probably have to keep the nails with the pearls on them away from water and just use anti bacterial gel on your fingers. This is a real shame and its something that I hope can be improved!

If you got the Ciate Advent Calendar have you tried these pearls out yet? What do you guys think of them?


  1. very pretty , love the red !

  2. I am inlove with this, it's gorgeous! Xx

  3. I am glad you came to my blog i also like yours, gonna follow!! :)
    Love your nail art designs ^^ have to try some ;)

    1. you are very welcome lovely!:)thank you so much!yes you definitely should give some a go:)xx

  4. ahh so pretty! I love the colour combo!
    L xo

  5. So pretty girl :) You are so good at this! xx