Sunday, 5 January 2014

Elegant Touch Colour Wash Nail Wraps

I received these Elegant Touch Envy Wraps in Colour Wash as a Christmas gift this year. I absolutely loved the gorgeous marbled, pastel coloured design on these nails wraps so I tried them out rather promptly after I got them. The random mix of pastel pink, blue, purple and coral was just perfect and kind of looked a bit like a tie dye design which is something I'm always looking for to wear on my nails. These nail wraps looked so awesome on my nails and they were really glossy when the light hit them. The sizes of wraps which Elegant Touch create are really good. I only had to trim a couple of them down to size. The wraps applied really easily and looked great at first. They were originally wrinkle free and smooth but by the next morning they were wrinkling and peeling off. Therefore, I would definitely recommend that if you wear nail wraps to only apply them a few hours before you want to wear them for a special occasion.  Ideally, I would love if nail wraps didn't wrinkle and peel but I guess it's inevitable that they will. That's why I am such a huge fan of nail polish strips because they last and you feel like you have got your monies worth!

These nails wraps did look pretty gorgeous for a night.

Have you tried these before? Do you think that nail wraps are worth the price and the time spent applying them? 


  1. They are so pretty! Shame they don't last too long though :( xxx

  2. These look really good!
    Rubbish they didn't long.


  3. They looked amazing, annoying to hear that they didn't last! :( xo

  4. they look gorgeous ,
    shame they dont last long :(
    Melissa x

  5. They look lovely. Yeah I've tried one before. It took me longer than expected to apply them but they looked really good once on!

    1. thanks!cool,yes i suppose it is something you need to take time doing!xx

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    1. i really love it:)its totally up my street hehe!:)xx

  7. Replies
    1. i wish i could have this pattern on my nails everyday!:)xx