Saturday, 19 April 2014

Topshop Baby Blues Polish

Topshop's Baby Blues polish is a green and blue glitter fleck polish. I tried this polish over white polish and I think it looks great. The combination of blue and green flecks of glitter is quite unique and looks awesome. I love having nails which are a little bit different and I think this polish really provides that. I had to place the glitter flecks quite strategically so I could get an even distribution of glitter across each of my nails. This attention to detail really pays off though. The polish formula is a nice consistency and isn't too thick. Topshop's polish brush did a great job of applying this glitter to my nails. 

Ofcourse, being a glitter polish it was a nightmare to photograph. It looks so much better in real life-I promise!

If you are looking for a different nail look I would definitely recommend this polish!

What do you think of this polish? I would love to hear your thoughts!:)


  1. cute polish, thank you for the recommendation.