Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday Night OOTN

I've never actually done an OOTN post or even an OOTD post but I would love to start doing some. On Saturday night it was my lovely friend Hannah's birthday and I decided to wear this bargain Lipsy dress which I bought off eBay!

I had never bought any clothes from
eBay until I started selling my own clothes there. I had seen this Lipsy dress a few years ago but didn't buy it at the time as it was cream and I thought it would get ruined when I was out because it was such a light colour. I searched for it on eBay one day when I was thinking about going out clothes and I managed to buy it for about £13.00 including postage & packaging. 

I am now so glad I bought it. I think the tiered fabric is extremely flattering.

Please excuse the rubbish mirror selfie -hopefully I can get someone to take pictures for me in future!

What do you guys think of this dress? Do you like eBay? 


  1. What a bargain!! I bought this in 2010 for my Mum & Step-Dad's wedding and haven't worn it since but I can't get rid of it especially at £13 when I paid about £60 for it haha! It is a beautiful dress though, you look gorgeous! x

    1. Oh I know its so pretty-i had it in another colour which i bought way back in 2010 too!you should definitely hold onto it since it has some sentimental value for you!:)aww thanks so much girlie!:)xx