Sunday, 27 September 2015

Michelle Mone's Autobiography

Michelle Mone is a highly successful Scottish business woman who I have never really known very much about. All I knew was that she owned a lingerie company but there is so much more to her story than that as I learned from reading her autobiography My Fight To The Top.

Reading about her childhood and where she grew up along with how she started her business was great. I had no idea that she actually invented all of the cutting edge designs that have made underwear more comfortable and practical for modern women.

There are so many interesting stories in this book which I don't want to spoil including the ups and downs involving Michelle's business. I was hooked after reading only a few pages. 

I definitely recommend this book even if you have never heard of Michelle Mone. It's a really really interesting read.

Have any of you guys read Michelle Mone's autobiography My Fight To The Top? Do you think that it is something that you would like to read? Let me know what you think!

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