Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Do you remember cassette tapes?

It's worrying to think that cassette tapes are now so antiquated that there will be some lovely young bloggers out there who have never owned or listened to a cassette tape. That makes me feel rather old (although I am extremely youthful hem hem!).

When I was a little kid cassette tapes were the most up to date way of playing our music.  I spent many a summer whipping out my favourite 90's tunes on cassette tape and playing them on my portable boom box out in my garden/street.

This is why cassette tapes remind me of such special times! I came across a couple of cassette tapes while clearing out my house and I thought I would show you them. We have actually never gotten rid of any of our cassettes but I think the rest of them are in the loft. I can't wait to find my early Boyzone & Take That ones. Oh and Ace Of Base!

Check out the songs on this Now 1994 compilation album. Saturday Night by Whigfield was one of myself and my friends favourite songs! 

Do you guys remember how easy it was for cassette tapes to go all weird if the tape was loose? What were your favourite cassettes? My most played ones were probably Take That and the Spice Girls!

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