Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Second Hand Chanel Sunglasses

My all time favourite sunglasses are my Chanel ones which my mum kindly gave me over ten years ago when she bought new ones. Since the day I got them I have cherished them. 

I am not really one to splash put on expensive sunglasses so these were an amazing second hand gift. Especially seeing as at the time I got then I was a young teenager.

My mum had these glasses for quite a few years before passing them on to me so they must be pretty old now. They do have some scratches and one of the legs is a bit wonky but I love them. I think they suite me and even though they are probably not fashionable I still love wearing them. I can't wear heavy sunglasses because the pressure on my sinuses is really horrible so these bad boys are perfect for me even if they are ancient!

Do you have any prized accessories that you have had for years?


  1. Love these so chic!


    1. thanks chick!and thanks for reading and commenting:)xx