Saturday, 5 July 2014

Essie Has Arrived!

I was so excited when I discovered yesterday that my main local Boots store now has an Essie Nail Polish stand. I have longed for Boots to stock Essie polish for such a long time and it was the first time I've seen the polishes in the flesh before I have bought them as I usually order them online.

I chose a couple of polishes for my birthday which was awesome. I literally felt like a kind in a candy shop.

The only downside to finally having access to Essie Polish in Boots was that they shockingly got rid of the Models Own stand. This is a real shame as I really wanted to buy a couple of polishes which I will now have to order online. I guess you win some and loose some.

During my excitement I totally forgot to pick up Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer and left the store without it. Gutted.

All of the polish lovers out there will surely understand why I got so excited about the addition of Essie Polish. I think it is one of THE best polish brands available. I highly recommend it!

Do you like Essie Nail Polish? What is your favourite colour?


  1. Our Boots carries Essie but they don't often restock it so unless I luck out it's always pretty picked over.

    1. aw thats such a shame!!i hope they get their act together and re-stock it for you more often cos that is not fair!thanks for reading girlie:)xx