Thursday, 23 April 2015

Floral Cath Kidston Mug

You guys probably know that I am absolutely obsessed with Cath Kidston mugs. If I could own every mug she has ever designed I would. It's so nice to enjoy my morning peppermint tea in a lovely mug.

So, after the novelty of using my christmas Cath Kidston mugs I decided that I would really like a nice new mug to use until next christmas.

I found this beauty on Amazon and it was so hard to choose which colour to buy as to be honest I would have loved to buy this mug in every colour!

I opted for this gorgeous blue mug. I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than drinking out of a pretty Cath Kidston mug when you are awake early in the morning for work.

What do you think about this mug? Do you own any Cath Kidston products? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I have a whole tea set in that pattern! And while my best friend was in England this past winter, she found me the matching coffee mugs on a clearance rack. I love to pair the blue mug with the pink saucer.

    1. oh my gosh that sounds so amazing!!!i would love a whole tea set in this pattern!amazing!!!:)thanks so much for reading & commenting:)xxx