Sunday, 7 June 2015

Mike & Molly: One To Watch

Mike & Molly is one of my favourite current comedy sitcoms at the moment. The acting is great, the story lines are hilarious and the characters are all a little bit crazy-I mean "unique in their own way"! Not to mention it stars one of my top 3 favourite actresses, Melissa McCarthy. 

The show is a about a couple who meet at a weight loss group meeting. Throughout the series they fall in love and get married. The story line focuses on their relationship and the relationships they have with their family and friends. 

The comedic acting throughout this show is excellent and this together with the hilarious things they all get up to equals a lot of laughing out loud moments. There is one episode, for example, where Molly is attempting to write a novel and starts spying on her neighbour because she is convinced he has murdered his wife.

Mike & Molly is overall just a really funny show which I highly recommend if you are looking for something new to watch.

Do you guys watch Mike & Molly? Or is it something you have been thinking about watching but never had the chance? I love hearing from you guys!

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