Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nails Inc's Notting Hill Lane Boho Luxe Polish

Nails Inc's Notting Hill Lane Boho Luxe Polish is a really awesome matte glitter polish. It is something that is a bit different and I am always up for trying out new styles on my nails.

As you can see I am wearing it over a polish called Malibu Pink by Models Own. I think these polishes go great together.  What makes this matte Boho Luxe polish so cool is that there are glitter particles of all sizes in the polish ranging from tiny specs to large hexagonal pieces of glitter. There are pink, purple, blue and cream coloured particles in this  polish. What is also extremely awesome is that some of the  glitter particles have stripes on them.

I found that the formula of this Polish was really nice as the ratio of polish to glitter was just right. The wide brush was great for covering my nails in the matte glitter. I did at times strategically place the glitter particles on my nails though but that is pretty normal. The polish also seemed to dry fairly quickly which was great!

What do you guys think of Nails Inc's Notting Hill Lane Boho Luxe Polish? Do you like how different it is? I love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Gorgeous topper. I like these glitter polishes :-D

    1. it so cool!its a totally different look to other polishes that you can get:)i was wearing it over mint polish the other day and it looked awesome:)thanks so much for reading:)xxx