Friday, 26 June 2015

Miss Selfridge Floral Jewelled Necklace:From The Archives

Oh my gosh-this Floral Jewelled Necklace was one of my favourite birthday presents. I really love it. It is from Miss Selfridge and is such a lovely statement necklace. The pink, purple and green jewels are just so pretty. I have been trying to wear this necklace with just about any outfit that I can get away with. It looks awesome when it is on and it sits really nicely! It goes great with high neck skater dresses.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite statement necklace right now?


  1. That is such a pretty necklace! The colours are gorgeous xx

    Sabrina Jaine

    1. oh i know-as soon as i saw it i was like OMG i must buy this now!!!haha:)it is so nice when it is on too:)thanks so much for reading & commenting:)xxx