Monday, 15 July 2013

Ciate Pinkaboo Glitter Polish

I am usually not the biggest fan of Ciate polishes because I think that the quality and formula of their polish is not very good. I tried my Mum's Ciate Pinkaboo Glitter and found that this polish was a lot better than some of their other polishes. It is a pink/silver holographic glitter in a pink translucent top coat. I painted it over black nail polish and found that it applied really well. The polish glided on to my nails smoothly and the brush was totally different to the other Ciate polishes that I had tried which was great. It was much shorter, like a make up brush and wider than the long flimsy brushes I've experienced with Ciate. It is a really sparkly polish and looks brilliant over black polish. If you are not really a fan of Ciate polishes normally you might really like their glitter polishes. 

What do you think of this glitter polish? Do you have a favourite Ciate polish?