Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Project Life #3: The Scrapbooking Cards

To make your own project life scrapbook you definitely don't have to buy their starter set of cards. However, I have absolutely loved using mine and I would highly recommend them. I bought the Happy Edition set from amazon for £29.95. 

You completely get your monies worth from this box of cards. They enable you to have pages with a colour scheme and give you ideas just by looking at them as to how you could present your scrapbook. There are hundreds of double sided cards and I could literally just sift through them all day looking at how lovely they are and coming up with ideas for the scrapbook. 

Again, you don't need to buy these to create a lovely scrapbook but I absolutely love my set and I'm so happy that I bought it.

I also then bought two additional card kits from amazon. The Super Cute set was £9.99 and the Love Notes set was £12.99. Both sets are gorgeous and in my opinion were worth the price. They have added something a bit more special to my Mum's surprise scrapbook.

Would you like to make a Project Life Scrapbook? Have you tried the Project Life Starter Set? What did you think of it?

project life scrapbooking cards

project life scrapbooking cards

project life scrapbooking cards

project life scrapbooking cards

project life scrapbooking cards


  1. I have heard so much about these Project Life scrapbooks! They seem like such a fun time and a great way to keep memories! I will have to look into it ^_^

    I hope you post updates about it as you go along!




    1. yes they are so cool because they are really easy to make if you don't have much time but they look awesome:)hopefully my mum will love getting the one I'm making her for her 60th birthday:)definitely look into starting one yourself:)i shall definitely be posting updates as i go along;)thanks for reading lovely:)xxx