Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Topshop's Snow Cone Polish

Topshop's Snow Cone Polish is possibly THE most gorgeous polish that I have bought from Topshop so far. 

This amazing turquoise/blue polish looks ten times prettier in real life. I just can't capture how gorgeous it is. It changes when the light hits it and it's shimmer is super sparkly.

This polish needs about three quick coats of polish to look totally opaque but it's worth it. I didn't want to overload my nails with polish which is why I painted them with three moderate coats of polish. The end result is beautiful. 

The brush applied the polish perfectly and the polish dries really quickly too. I wore this polish for a whole week and it lasted without chipping - even after lots of housework!

I adore this polish and I think you might too! I highly recommend it!

What do you think about this polish? Have you got any other polishes like this one?


  1. it's so sparkly! I LOVE! oh and I just had to say you're gorgeous (saw your pic on the side of your blog) are you sing MAC highlighter in light boost under your eyes? if not, and its something else, please do share ! :D


    1. its like one of the most awesome polishes that i own:-)aww thank you for saying that girlie!!!Its not, I'm actually wearing Dior Sculpt foundation, collection concealer and Dior Loose Powder under my eyes:)thanks so much for reading:)xxx

  2. This is a gorgeous shade! I love it. I really like Topshop varnishes. I find they apply really well.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. aw im so glad you like it!i really love it:)yes i agree their formula is so beautiful:)thanks so much for reading lovely:)xxx