Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Project Life #4 The Gadgets

In Lily Pebbles scrapbooking video she mentioned that she used a glue mouse (tape pen?) and a corner shaper when scrapbooking so I thought I'd buy them myself and test them out.

The glue mouse and corner shaper are two gadgets that I can't believe that I lived without before. Ok, I didn't really need them before but if you are starting a scrapbook they are just the BEST gadgets ever.

The glue mouse is amazing. I bought mine from hobbycraft for £3.00.  Occasionally, it gets stuck and glue won't come off the roll but it's never a major problem. It is such an easy and mess free way to stick your photos on to other things. It is just brilliant and I wish I had had one of these years ago when I was younger instead of Pritstick. 

I never had a need for a corner shaper until now and I love it. Your photos and cards look so much more beautiful in your scrapbook if they have rounded corners for some weird reason. Obviously, you don't have to do this but I think it looks awesome. Clipping the corners off of your photos becomes addictive though so beware! I bought mine from amazon for £7.85.

I can't rave about either of these gadgets enough. You don't need lots of fancy tools to make your scrapbook look great. These two gadgets are all I think I need for my scrapbook. I think it is looking pretty cool so far if I do say so myself.

I also bought some cute sticky letters from Hobbycraft to use in my scrapbook. They cost £2.00 per sheet which is fairly expensive for the amount you get but these really look excellent in my scrapbook. 

I have used them to annotate photos and to add in cute funny phrases or names that we use in our family. I really love these letters so I will be buying some more.

What are your thoughts on Project Life Scrapbooking? Have you used either of these gadgets for scrapbooking or crafts before? Let me know!

Project Life gadgets

Project Life gadgets

project life gadgets

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