Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ciate Sequin Manicure

Ciate Sequin Manicure was a present I received at Christmas but I only got around to properly trying it out recently.

In the kit, which is packaged beautifully as always, is a generously sized tub of glitter, a Ciate Sequin Glitter Grip which is basically a top coat and a little brush.

You basically paint the glitter grip on to your nail and dip your nail straight into the tub of glitter. When doing this my top tips are to pat the glitter down onto your nail to make sure it sticks and brush off the excess glitter from your fingers. Then I would suggest applying a bit more glitter grip to the whole nail or parts of the nail that have not been covered in the glitter and then sprinkle more glitter onto the nail. Pat the glitter down to make sure it is firmly in place. Make sure there are no bits of glitter hanging over the tips of your nail because these will catch on your clothes and will be scratchy. So, use your fingers to gently smooth the tip of your nail and to shape the glitter to the curve of your nail. Once you have done this you can apply a coat of glitter grip to act as a top coat and to seal your glitter in. You could always apply a few coats of this to maintain your sequin manicure for as long as possible or top it up every few days.

As you can see, I have covered all of my nails in glitter as I wanted to see what it would look like and how well the glitter would apply. I know some people think it looks tacky to do this but it actually didn't. You can obviously only cover one of your nails with the glitter and use a normal polish on the rest. It is totally up to you. I think it looks good both ways. You could also try and sprinkle only a small amount of the glitter over polish. Or place the glitter particles onto your nails in a pattern using a toothpick. I have yet to give this a proper go.

I think my Ciate Sequin Manicures turned out pretty well. My favourite colour is definitely the pink/red glitter. 

One thing to highlight is you really need to let these dry for a long time. I smushed a couple of my nails a few times because I was stupidly trying to do things and not being careful enough. Also, another slight down side is that when you do your second hand you need to be careful that the first hand doesn't get messed up because mine did a bit. Be prepared to have glitter stuck all over your hands and probably on your carpets. Even if you are careful it magically manages to get all over the carpet but its not too big of a problem - after a quick Hoover its all gone.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Ciate Sequin Manicure set and you get so much glitter that you could use it over and over again for many different looks. The bottle of glitter grip is a really good size too. The glitter is so much more wearable than the caviar pearls (massive post on this coming soon).

What do you think of my Ciate Sequin Manicure?

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