Sunday, 26 May 2013

Nail Rock Nail Wraps - Montage

My new obsession with nail wraps resulted in me trying Nail Rock's Montage Nail Wraps which I purchased from Amazon for £5.48. These wraps have an awesome black and white geometrical pattern on them and look really amazing when they are on your nails.  I had read a few bad reviews about Nail Rock wraps but I was desperate to try them.  The end result involving these particular wraps turned out well. 

I trimmed them while they were on their plastic sheet to a more realistic size for my nails and then carefully placed them on to my nails. I made sure to stretch these wraps well to try and decrease the chance of gaps and wrinkling. My efforts worked although they were probably slightly more time consuming to apply than my little mix wraps. I also found it harder to file off the excess wrap. I found that the edges of these were fairly sharp but they looked ace and seemed to have turned out way better than other people's experiences so I was pretty happy as I had fairly low expectations. 

I wore them to do some extreme cleaning the next day (with rubber gloves of course) and I thought they might be peeling off but nope. There were no wrinkles or gaps like other people had experienced. After cleaning I did notice that some of the black print looked a bit rubbed and faded which is probably to be expected.

One tip to keep in mind is to pull them tightly but not too much because if you do the wrap tears and you can see a silver layer. Oops!

They were really easy to peel off but I noticed that they pulled off layers of my nail as well which I wasn't too impressed with as the other nail wraps I had tried definitely did not do that. 

Another down side is that you only get enough wraps to wear once which is not ideal for the price.

I think these particular wraps really looked brilliant and would be great if you were going on a special night out and knew that your wraps would only need to look 100% perfect for one night. Or just don't do any cleaning or wash your hair but that is a bit impractical.

Have you tried Nail Rock nail wraps? What were your experiences like?

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