Friday, 31 May 2013

Kiss Zebra Nail Wraps

My Mum picked some Kiss Zebra Nail Wraps up for me from boots because they were on sale and clearly I am now addicted to trying out different types and brands of nail wraps. These wraps were really shiny with a little bit of glitter on them and were also embossed so the zebra pattern stands out and is textured rather than being just a print. 

They were fairly easy to apply and just about all of the nail sizes fitted my nails so I didn't need to trim them down which made application much quicker. They were quite thick and sturdy when I was trying to file them off so they did not tear easily. The wraps also applied really smoothly without wrinkles. 

I wore the wraps when I was washing my hair and they stayed on pretty firmly. I actually had to give them a good peel to get them off and luckily they did not pull away a layer of my nail like I had found with some other nail wraps. 

All in all they were a cute sale buy. If you want a printed nail design rather than a free hand design then these would do pretty nicely. I think they were about £4.00 in the sale.

Let me know your thoughts on these!

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