Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spring Polka Dot Nails

Around Easter time I was excited to use some lovely spring polishes and my dotting tools to create some cute polka dot nail art. You can buy dotting tools from Amazon for under £3.00 and they are pretty great. I highly recommend them. You get five in a pack and they have really pretty designs on them. 

I painted on two coats of my chosen spring polishes and left them to dry thoroughly. I then used white Revlon polish and a dotting tool to create the polka dot design. 

I always dab a blob of polish onto some kitchen foil so that I can dip my dotting tool into the polish more easily rather than dipping it into the bottle. It is a much easier and less messy process. You need to keep replenishing the polish on your foil as it dries out and goes sticky in the open air. 

There are no set rules about where you should put your dots, how many dots you have or the size of the dots. 

I think my spring polka dot nails turned out to be really cute. Have you tried polka dot nails?

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