Saturday, 25 May 2013

Little Mix Nail Wraps

Little Mix Nail Wraps were the first nail wraps I had ever tried and they triggered my obsession with trying out different types of nail wraps. You can purchase them from New Look for £4.99 per pack which I think is a really good price. There are four different types, one designed by each girl from Little Mix. There are 20 wraps per pack which means you can use them twice which is better than most nail wraps available which are more expensive and you only get enough to use once. 

I tried Leigh-Anne's design first which includes grey brick and denim prints with gold square studs on some of them and patch work heart motifs on others. The phrase "just believe" is also featured and a couple of the wraps have slashes on them like ripped jeans which is unique.

Jesy's wraps consist of red and grey brick designs with musical notes and hearts on them. The phrases "boom" and "pow" are used. Boom is literally my favourite word just now so I loved having it on my nails.

Perrie's nail wraps were the ones that I found most difficult to wear because they include black nail wraps which don't seem to last as well and it is obvious if you have filed off bits of the wrap that you weren't meant to. Saying this the design is really cool though. The wraps include red glitter, red roses on black, silver skulls on black (I heart skulls!!!!!), silver square studs on black and sliver square studs on black in the shape of a cross.

Finally, Jade's cute wraps consist of rainbow glitter wraps, heart glitter wraps, glittery bows on white wraps, glittery hearts on white wraps and a glittery shirt with a bow tie and braces. These are seriously pretty wraps. I really really like the rainbow glitter. 

My tops tips for applying these nail wraps is to use a base coat first as directed in the instructions. Also, make sure to trim your nail wraps carefully if you need to make them fit your nails. This was where I went a bit wrong at first and some of the wraps were left too big for my nails. Try not to leave jagged edges-it doesn't look too nice. Also, when applying pull these wraps fairly firmly, they have quite a lot of stretch so you can get them crease free without tearing them which is good. When filing off the excess nail wrap file from the tip of the nail down to the back of your finger to stop less of the nail wrap coming away from the tip of your nail making it look scruffy.

You don't need to apply any top coat to these wraps. They are easy to remove by just pulling them off. I found they were quite hard wearing and I did cleaning with them on and washed my hair several times and they stayed on really well and did not look tatty. As with most nail wraps they can be slightly jagged and you might find fibres collect on the tips of your nails but you can just pull these off and they look perfect.

 If you have never tried nail wraps but would like to I would recommend these. They are decently priced and I think some of the best quality I have found with good staying power. I didn't think I would like nail wraps or be bothered faffing with them but these were ace!:)

If you have tried these or any other types of nail wraps let me know how you got on?!

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