Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polish

When my Illamasqua polishes arrived I was so excited to unwrap them and see them in all their beauty. I was definitely not disappointed. My first ever Illamasqua purchase was two of their speckled polishes. I bought Speckle which is a cute lilac colour and Fragile which is a gorgeous pastel blue colour. They came packaged in little boxes which made them seem even cuter.

I got these polishes just before Easter and wearing them made me feel very much part of the Easter vibe. 

I think two to three coats of this polish is best or you could use another polish underneath. You could use a polish that matches your speckle polish or you could use a contrasting colour though I am not sure if that would look good - it's just an idea!

This polish applies pretty smoothly but rather thinly so you have to build up layers of it. It has an unusual glaze finish to it without top coat. The speckles are dull glitter particles and as with all glitters sometimes you are left with big gaps and you have to strategically place glitter where you want it.

This polish leaves your nails looking like cadburys mini eggs which is basically the best thing ever!!!! I wore this polish to work the week before Easter and my colleagues were admiring it. 

It was £14.00 a bottle from Selfridges online. These were the most expensive polishes I had ever bought. I wouldn't normally spend this much of my hard earned money on nail polish but I'm sure I will be using these again and again due to their great spring/summer colours.

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