Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nails Inc's Nail Polish Corrector Pen

When I am trying out different polishes I find myself getting really frustrated that I can't remove the remaining remnants of polish off from around my fingers. By remnants I mean the teeny tiny bits of polish that I am convinced will look messy in my photographs. Therefore, I used up some of my hard earned VIP Nails Inc points and bought their nail polish corrector pen.

I have had it for a few months now and found that it works really well and actually has lasted for quite some time. Although, I only use it for the stubborn flecks of polish that I just cannot get off of my skin. 

The nail corrector pen is a pretty pink colour with a white felt tip nib which is quite well saturated in nail polish remover. It comes with four spare nibs which are kept in a compartment at the opposite end of the pen which is very useful. 

I think if you clarted your fingers in nail polish and then used the nail corrector pen to to remove it the spare nibs and remover would be used up much more quickly.

This is a pretty nifty tool for people who love painting their nails as much as I do. 

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