Monday, 27 May 2013

Nail Rock Union Jack Red White and Blue Nail Wraps

When I saw Nail Rock's Union Jack Red White and Blue Nail Wraps on amazon for £5.66 I decided I NEEDED to try them because they looked sooooo cool!

After the success of the Montage Nail Rock Nail Wraps I had high hopes for these Union Jack wraps. They looked really amazing from the distance and anyone who didn't closely look at your nails would literally be like "oh WOW". However, because they were metallic they were unfortunately nothing like the Montage ones that I tried (I'm making a sad face right now). It was so disappointing. 

My theory of stretching the wraps quite a lot to reduce wrinkles and to avoid the wrap bunching up did not work for these metallic Union Jack wraps. No matter how much I tried I could not get rid of the wrinkles. No matter how much smoothing or how much stretching I did the wraps would only apply horrendously wrinkled. If these wraps had applied smoothly they would have been THE MOST AMAZING things you could ever wear on your nails. I was willing them to be awesome because nail rock make them in gold and black union jacks and in the american flag print also and I had my eye on them hoping it would be worth purchasing them too. 

I washed my hair with them on and because they had big gaps where they wouldn't smooth down water got under some part of the wraps and then they started to peel off. I took them off after a day because they were annoying me and the tips of my nails were quite jagged which I think was because the wraps were metallic. One day's wear is not really value for money when they don't go on smoothly.

You will be able to see in the photos that I took that from further away they do look awesome. They did not feel awesome though because they were fairly wrinkled. 

If you have tried metallic nail wraps, especially ones by Nail Rock, let me know how you got on with them and whether you managed to get your wraps wrinkle free.

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