Friday, 9 August 2013


This morning I managed to reach a massive mile stone in terms of my blog. I reached 100 followers!!! I'm finding it quite difficult to comprehend that there are actually 100 people who like what I write about and my photographs enough to follow my blog. Seriously, its just like's surreal! I never thought anyone would be bothered about my blog at all and thought everyone would think my blog was a bit naff because I don't have my own personal design (I'm technologically challenged to a certain degree). So, I am absolutely over the moon that you lovely people like my blog. For people to like something I enjoy writing about and photographing is awesome.

So, thank you thank you thaaaaaaank yoooou to everyone who has followed me or left me lovely blog comments or tweets. I really appreciate it. I also appreciate all of your amazing blogs and the work that you put into them. 

I am crazy chuffed! :-) 

Love Stef xxx


  1. Well done Stef! You put a lot into your blog and it shows, you deserve it :) x

  2. Well done you deserve it you have the prettiest nail designs! xx


  3. Aw what a lovely post and well done you totally deserve it, all you're hard work has paid off and it shows! xx

  4. Such a cute post, congrats Stef!:D x

  5. Congrats, Stef!

    Hard work really does pay off :)


  6. Congratulations!! You deserve it, you have a great blog (although you may not think it!) I like visiting your blog and reading your posts about your nails.. I'm interested in nails too.. Keep it up!

    I'm now following you on twitter! I would appreciate it if you followed me back:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  7. Awww thank you so much for your lovely comment!!really appreciate that you like my blog!:-)x