Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lilac & Mint Polka Dot Nails : Birthday Nails

I am majorly loving my Rimmel Salon Pro polishes in Ultra Violet and Peppermint at the moment so I decided to combine them and then add some polka dots. And BOOM that creates this awesome combo. I was just looking at my nails and this colour combo totally reminds me of one of the dinosaurs on that programme Dinosaurs from the 1990's. Does anyone remember it? Anyway, the contrasting colours of the polka dots on the base colour looks so nice. I just keep looking at my nails. I used my dotting tools to make the big and small dots. This design is really easy and fairly quick to do. Although, trying to do both big and small polka dots on your right hand is pretty difficult. You need a steady hand. Mine kept shaking! 

I wore this colour combo with the polka dots on my nails for my birthday. I was meant to be having sparkly nails but in the end I opted for this.

What do you all think of this design? Are there any other colours that i should try out together?


  1. These are beautiful! They remind me a little bit of Monsters inc :D xx

    1. Thank you!oh my gosh!haha you are right!!they are the colour of that big fluffy one haha!:)xx

  2. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx