Thursday, 22 August 2013

Mirror Nails Experiment

Ok the title may sound a bit more exciting than what this post is actually about. I didn't actually smash up a mirror and stick the broken shards onto my nails. My auntie kindly gave me some little beads which have a mirrored surface. They are meant to be used for making cards but I was like well why not try dipping my nails into them. So, that is what I tried at first and I found that it was not very successful. Lots of the beads were stuck to my nail with their edges sticking out and so weren't shiny. I wanted all of the beads to be flat against my nail and with their mirror sides on show. So, I got a cocktail stick and turned the beads that I could onto their flat surfaces and then used the cocktail stick to add more beads in the areas that I wanted them. I put top coat over the beads to see if it would ruin them and luckily it didn't. 

I am definitely going to try something a bit prettier with them next time but I'm not sure what. This was really just a post to show you what you can do with beads like this.

Let me know what you think of my little experiment!:)

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