Friday, 16 August 2013

Tag Post : First's

I have been tagged by Sophie from to do this First Time Tag post. Thanks Sophie! I would recommend that you guys go and have a look at her blog. I've never done a tag post like this before so here it goes.

First Best Friend
I had a couple at mother & toddlers, nursery and then primary school who were my best friends for a very long time so I can't name one. They were all lovely.

First kiss
The Internet does not need to know about this haha!

First Concert
The first concert I ever went to was to see the Spice Girls in the 1990's right before Geri left the band. I can hardly remember any of the concert though because I was too overwhelmed by the size of the arena and all of the people in it which is a shame.

First Celebrity Crush
Hmmmm...I'm thinking maybe it was Mark Owen from Take That when I was like 4!haha!

First word
I think it was "Dadn". I used to call my cousin David "Dado" and would sing the theme tune to Neighbours as "Gindahs, everybody loves good Gindahs" because i couldn't say Neighbours.

First Pet
I had two cats who were around before I was born.

First Job
Worked as a Receptionist during the holidays from Uni.

First phone
It was my mums old brick of a phone at the start of secondary school until I got a Nokia 3310 which was like the "IT" phone of 2001!haha!We were all obsessed with playing snake.

First tweet
I have no was probably to someone at radio 1 like Chris Moyles because I remember them speaking about twitter years ago and that's why I got it.

First make up
I think it was concealer when I was a young teenager to hide my spots and the dark circles under my eyes. Lovely!hehe!

I'm not going to specifically tag 10 people to do this post. If you are reading this and you want to give it a go then please do. Let me know if you do so I can have a wee read of it!:)


  1. I wish spice girls was my first concert! I was lucky enough to see them when they reunited.

    1. I was super lucky!thats awesome, think u probs managed to enjoy it more than I did cos i was a bit freaked out!would have loved to see them when they reunited!:)

  2. Aw thanks for leaving me such a lovely comment Stef you're so sweet! This first post's a really cute idea I've never seen it done before:) That neighbours thing is adorable!
    Keep in touch love x

    1. You're welcome!!!haha wish I could meet myself as a little kid!would be so funny!:-)x